Corno Izba Restaurant

This restaurant, located in Kalisz (Poland), has Dune ceramics inside. A rustic and traditional style that achieves to fuel the mountain spirit.

Pieces used in the project

Corno Izba, Podhale culture and aesthetics taken to the extreme 

Corno Izba Restaurant, located in the Polish city of Kalisz, offers a unique experience to anyone who visits it. Its aesthetics, based on the Polish region of Podhale design, teleports us to the highest mountains of the country without leaving the centre of this city.

For that purpose, ARTPIN studio has opted for natural materials, such as wood, concrete, stone and the colourful ceramic mosaic. All this, along with elements such as furniture upholstered in natural brown leather and the use of light, have made cosy and modernity live together in this picturesque place.

The natural charm of the Saudade collection

The piece Porto, from the Saudade collection, has made nature palpable in the environment. This porcelain piece in mosaic form has been a good election in this project. Because its blue, pearl grey, anthracite and off-white manage to depict an aesthetic touch of a traditional floor as well as remember nature elements. 

This collection is inspired by traditional Portuguese tiles. Its chromatic palette based on natural tones and its wide graphics makes this collection easy to combine with other decorative elements, especially with wood and natural light. Thus, the Porto piece is so adaptable to the Podhale style that characterised the Corno Izba restaurant.

The Saudade collection, as well as the basis of this project, is also inspired by tradition and combines with the modern style thanks to its graphics with timeless style. The best way to use its pieces is to create carpets that add charisma and detail to the project. Thus, ARTPIN studio has used the Porto piece for coating the tables zone. This gives it that cosy carpet style.

Wood as the key element

Different types of wood, finishes and uses enhance the feeling of being in a mountainous and rustic environment. Without a doubt, an environment that remember us of the highlander inns. Wood not only coats some floors and walls but is also used in furniture and decoration.

We have to highlight the parzenice (traditional Podhale motives) and the deer and the Indian symbols wood-carved such as the principal decorative elements. This woodcarving technique has become an integral part of the entire project. We can find parzenice both in ornamentation on furniture and architectural elements, wall decorations and bas-reliefs.

Play with different materials to add personality 

Despite being the principal element, ARTPIN studio not only has used wood in this project. But it also has combined it with other natural elements to create a cosy environment for anyone who visits it.

Stone and concrete have coated a lot of Corno Izba walls giving it personality and aesthetic. Furthermore, natural plants have also been used, and light has been used to enhance the mountainous environment that we have tried to recreate.

Rich textures, interesting contrasts and intriguing details are what make this project a place with a personality of its own. Congratulations to ARTPIN studio for the result!

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