Marble effect ceramics for bathrooms

AUTHOR: DUNE · DATE: 2 February 2021 · CATEGORY: Tendencias

Marble effect ceramics for bathrooms

Although marble was traditionally a symbol of wealth, status and classic style, nowadays the marble aesthetic presents an infinite number of nuances and sensations that can be adapted to all kinds of projects. Today we are going to focus on its applications in one of the most charismatic places at home: bathroom areas.

Nowadays, we can choose from a wide range of possibilities in terms of bathroom decoration: the classic hydraulic tiles, small tiles and mosaics give a very fresh look to these areas, but nothing can compare to marble in terms of elegance and sophistication. Marble is, in short, the most timeless choice.

It is also the easiest choice to combine thanks to its wide range of formats and finishings, how about a total look with the fantastic SELENE LIGHT? Anything is possible by combining its different formats in its polished and satin options, leaving the gloss on walls and a matt effect on floors.

Cerámica efecto mármol en el baño

But this is not an exclusive attribute of the SELENE series! You can also make multiple combinations with the favourite marbles of our collection. CALACATTA, PERLANOVA, CREMABELLA and LEONARDO allow you to develop your creativity with a wide range of formats, finishes and decors.

Let yourself go and create a unique room that will amaze your guests.

What about you? would you go for a total look in your bathroom area?