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Tile combinations for modern bathrooms

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    The bathroom is much more than a functional space in our home, it is a personal refuge. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom and giving it a modern and elegant touch, tiles are a perfect option to achieve it, as they can help us to achieve a neat and very personal aesthetic. Of course, the possibilities are endless: colours, textures, formats or their placement define the final design.

    Therefore, the choice of material to cover the walls and floor of a bathroom is one of the main decisions to make when renovating and giving a new life to this room in the house. In this sense, the combination of bathroom tiles influences the final result, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

    From geometric patterns to soft tones and different textures, as we have said, the possibilities are endless. That is why, in this article, we are going to talk about two types of tile combinations for bathrooms: in the shower area and with freestanding bathtub. Two trendy bathrooms to turn yours into a modern bathroom.

    Tile combinations in the shower area: how to achieve a magazine bathroom

    The shower area is an essential part of any modern bathroom and certainly one of the areas where tiles can make all the difference in terms of style and functionality. If you're looking to transform your bathroom into a space worthy of a design magazine, take a look at these ideas for combining tiles to achieve a spectacular look:

    1. Combination of plain tiles with hydraulic-inspired tiles

    An option that never goes out of fashion is to combine a plain coloured tile with a tile with a geometric/floral pattern of hydraulic inspiration. In this example, the shower tray is placed on a floor covered with hydraulic tiles while the shower walls are made of small-format, vertically positioned, single-colour tiles in a small format.

    Altea Azulado + Rambla

    Another possibility within this combination of tiles is to use the same tile on the floor and on the main wall of the shower, applying the plain tile on the wall that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom, as we can see in these examples. In this way, a contrast is achieved while gaining continuity with the rest of the design.

    Valencia Salvia + Palmar

    Saudade Azul + Coimbra

    2. Shower area delimited by mosaic-effect tiles

    Mosaic finger tiles are a trend. Therefore, using them to delimit the shower area will help you to achieve a very modern and functional bathroom. In the image we see this tile in a sky blue tone with larger tiles imitating cement in its whiter tone to create a clear contrast between the different areas of the bathroom.

    Kit-Kat Sky Matt + Zement White

    3. Different coloured tiles

    Another way of combining tiles to highlight the shower area in a bathroom is to use different colours to delimit and separate each part. In this case, the shower area is pink, while the rest of the bathroom is designed in an off-white tone, to achieve a warm and romantic combination.

    Berlin Bone + Berlin Bone Glossy + Berlin Flamingo Glossy + Giuliana

    Fancy Grey + Flat Anise Green Matt

    4. Hexagonal tiles to add visual interest

    If you want to achieve a modern bathroom that follows the rules of minimalist style, one way to add a touch of dynamism and achieve visual interest is by playing with tile formats. In this case, hexagonal tiles have been included on the shower wall and the backsplash behind the washbasin with the intention of achieving a focal point and greater dynamism in a bathroom that is committed to simplicity and timelessness at a chromatic level.

    Zement White + Zement Exa White

    Magnet Mint-Lap + Magnet Exa Frozen

    5. Imitation stone tiles combined with small tiles

    Another way of highlighting the shower area is to use small tiles on one or more shower walls, while the shower floor is in continuity with the rest of the bathroom. In the examples below, stone effect tiles are used for almost the entire bathroom except for the shower, where the largest wall is covered with small tiles, which allows creating a play of contrasts both in terms of colour and texture. In addition, the different ways of laying the rectangular tiles allow an infinite number of designs to be created.

    Fancy Grey + Fancy White + Agadir Noche

    Pietrasanta Dark Grey + Tahiti Turquoise

    6. Matt and marble: an elegant bathroom tile combination

    Imitation marble tiles are a great option for an elegant bathroom. However, using them too much can lead to an overloaded feeling of the space. That is why, combining them with matt tiles in the shower area brings dynamism while favouring the creation of a much fresher and livelier space.

    Amazonite Pearl Satin + Flat Forest + Exa Forest

    7. Ceramic decoration to highlight the shower

    Another of the options that exist for combining tiles is the use of ceramic decorations to highlight a part of the shower. In the image we see as inspiration, the shower wall takes centre stage in the bathroom, which uses this decorative piece, together with the basin backsplash and in perfect chromatic balance with the bathroom as a whole, creating a warm and silky atmosphere.

    Fancy Warm + Fancy White + Lime

    8. Mosaics: a safe bet

    Mosaics have the ability to enhance the areas in which they are placed. Their small format and finishes are decorative by definition and, for this reason, they can be a great ally to highlight a bathroom area such as the shower. Below, you will see different examples of how to use and combine the mosaic with the rest of the bathroom tiles.

    Mosaico Lux combinado con Calacatta Lux + Marmolissima

    Mosaico Karakter combinado con el resto de la serie Karakter

    Mosaico Amazonite Leaves + Amazonite

    Mosaico Kolda-DK

    Mosaico Kassiani + Nova Cinza

    As we can see, the combination of tiles in the shower area can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom, turning it into a space worthy of a design magazine. There is no right or wrong option, it will depend on the style you want to achieve.

    How to combine tiles with a freestanding bathtub: a rising trend

    Freestanding bathtubs are a growing trend in modern bathroom design. These elegant pieces stand out as central elements in the space, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication. If you are thinking of incorporating a freestanding bathtub into your bathroom, it is important to consider how to match the tiles to enhance its beauty and create a harmonious ambience. Here are some ideas to achieve the perfect combination:

    1. Bright colours and patterns for bathrooms with personality

    One way of combining freestanding bathtubs with tiles is by opting for bright colours and patterns, in order to achieve a bathroom with a lot of personality. In these inspirational images we can see how different coloured tiles are combined in the bathtub area to achieve a fresh style.

    Flat Sky Matt + Mintons Old White + Victorian

    2. Terrazzo reinvented: a modern bet for your bathroom

    Terrazzo flooring is back in fashion. Use it in the bathroom as flooring for a freestanding bathtub and gain in personality. This tile combines very easily with the coloured tiles that make up this reinvented terrazzo. If you also add the matching washbasin, the combination is a winner.

    Terrazo + Chicago White Cotton + Chicago Exa Ocean

    3. Mosaic effect tiles: versatility and adaptability

    The finger mosaic effect tiles, as we have said, are very trendy in interior design. In addition to adding dynamism to spaces, they also stand out for their great versatility and adaptability to any style, as they combine with other tiles without any problem. For example, in these images, we see the same tile combined in different ways, resulting in two totally different bathrooms.

    Kit-Kat Snow Glossy + Naxos

    Kit-Kat Snow Glossy + Calacatta Superwhite

    4. Geometric patterns: a classic tile combination

    To achieve a bathroom in which glamour predominates, a good proposal is tiles with geometric shapes, either in the always classic combination of black and white or in vibrant and strong tones. Here are two options for combining geometric tiles in the bathroom with the modern freestanding bathtub.

    Grid + Metro White Matt

    Santorini + White

    5. Marble tiles for a touch of elegance

    Marble tiles are a classic and elegant option that perfectly complements a freestanding bathtub. Opt for marble tiles in soft tones such as white or light grey to create a bright and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. You can also play with other materials, such as wood, to add an extra touch of warmth.

    Selene Cappuccino + Sierra Carbon

    6. The ultimate expression of minimalist style

    For those looking for a minimalist approach, cement-look porcelain tiles are the perfect choice. Tiles in neutral tones such as white or grey and a simple, uniform design will result in bathrooms that look elegant and uncomplicated. The simplicity of this style highlights the beauty of the freestanding bathtub and creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom.

    Zement Grey

    7. Hydraulic designs to match the wall of the washbasin

    Another way of combining tiles with a freestanding bathtub is by combining the tiles behind the washbasin with the flooring on which the bathtub is located. As in this example, in which our piece presents a set of hydraulic designs, where terrazzo acquires relevance. In this design, geometric shapes are traced with precision and with perfect finishes. The worktop and the wooden floor add an extra touch of warmth.

    Stella Coral + Roble Miel

    Combining tiles with a freestanding bathtub is an opportunity to create a unique and personalised bathroom. Whether you prefer an elegant style with marble tiles or a retro-modern look, there is a perfect match for every taste and style.

    In short, renovating your bathroom with tiles is a fantastic way to transform this space into a modern and welcoming oasis. And, as we have seen, the tile combinations are endless, whether for the shower area or if you prefer a freestanding bathtub. But don't think that achieving a modern bathroom is only for large bathrooms, there are also many tile combinations for small bathrooms.

    So, whatever your bathroom is, dare to experiment and let your imagination run wild to create the bathroom of your dreams! And if you have any doubts, at Dune we can advise you.

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