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Decorative tile trends 2024: bathrooms, kitchens and exteriors

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    In the search for spaces that combine functionality and aesthetics, tiles have become a trend. From the bathroom to the kitchen and also in outdoor spaces, decorating with tiles is a versatile, functional and stylish option, allowing us to create unique spaces that follow the decorative trends of 2024.

    In this article, we are going to review the trends in decorative tiles according to the different areas of the house, to keep up to date with the latest in interior decoration. Let's get started!

    Bathroom tile trends

    Tiles in the bathroom not only serve a practical function, but also have the ability to transform the space and give it personality. From classic tiles to modern geometric patterns, intricate mosaics to marble, the options are endless. Here we take a look at some of the top bathroom trends for 2024:

    1. Sophisticated minimalism

    Minimalism continues to be a dominant trend in interior design, and bathrooms are no exception. In 2024, bathroom tiles are leaning towards clean and simple designs, with a neutral colour palette of white, grey and beige. In this line, our latest Zement collection stands out for its sober brutalist character, perfect to achieve this kind of aesthetic.

    2. Vintage look with hydraulic tiles

    Hydraulic tiles are perfect to give that retro and vintage touch to any space, also in the bathroom. A style that breathes nostalgia and craftsmanship on all four sides and that evokes other times while giving that contemporary touch.

    In this sense, and thanks to its wide variety of designs, patterns and colours, it is possible to create bathrooms with a more romantic vintage look, such as these thanks to our Palmar or Coimbra pieces.

    Or on-trend bathrooms that are much more eclectic, striking and vibrant, thanks to the powerful colour combination of our Doria hydraulic tile series, as seen in this image by the Santorini and Mykonos pieces.

    3. The handmade look: zellige tiles are on trend this year

    The colour and subtle imperfections of zellige tiles are one of the decoration trends of 2024. Use them as shower cladding or on the washbasin wall to give your bathroom an authentic touch. Our Agadir series is ideal for adding transgressive beauty and creating spaces where decoration is the real protagonist.

    4. Tiles with mosaic effect

    Finger tiles are all the rage. Their format and endless mosaic effect are perfect for filling spaces with colour and dynamism. At Dune, as experts in ceramic floor and wall tiles, we are launching our Kit-Kat series, ideal for adding texture and breaking the monotony of surfaces. In two finishes and trendy colours, we love it to create bathrooms with style and personality.

    5. Imitation marble tile: elegance and class

    Marble is one of those materials that is always on trend for bathrooms. Its elegance and intrinsic class, as well as its wide variety of shades and the richness of its nuances, make it the perfect piece to bring sophistication and glamour to any bathroom.

    This 2024, marble-effect tiles will once again be a trend in decoration and whether in their lighter shades to give luminosity to small bathrooms or in their darker shades to give an exquisite and refined touch, they will be a key piece for those who are looking to give a touch of elegance. Be inspired by our Selene series and get that unique aesthetic that is so characteristic of marble.

    Kitchen tile trends

    In the kitchen, tiles are a great way to add character and style, as there are options to suit all tastes and design styles. Tiles in neutral tones such as beige, grey and white are popular for their versatility and ability to suit a wide range of decorating styles, while tiles with geometric patterns and interesting textures can add a touch of visual interest.

    1. Bold colours for kitchens with personality

    While neutral tones remain a popular choice, 2024 is also seeing bold colours in kitchen tiles. From deep blues to vibrant greens and bold pinks or reds, these vibrant colours can add a touch of energy and personality to the kitchen. Whether it's small format colourful tiles such as our Flat or Chicago series, or marbles with added veins of colour such as our Nusa series.

    2. The serenity of wood for cosy, warm kitchens

    Another of the trendy materials for 2024 is wood. Our Stripes series pieces play with texture and parallel lines to create imitation wood tiles in different shades and colours to create unpredictable patterns.

    Another way to include wood in kitchens is through Click&Floor, our SPC Rigid Core Flooring 100% waterproof collection that imitates wood.

    3. Industrial style kitchens

    Industrial style is still very much alive and well in this year's kitchen decorating trends, and tile pieces with metallic finishes are perfect for achieving this unmistakable aesthetic. Our Magnet series, reflecting the perfect fusion of biophilia and industrial style, features pieces so visually striking that they become the centre of attention.

    4. Hydraulic tiles and geometric shapes in the kitchen

    Hydraulic tiles are an excellent option for any kitchen, as thanks to the variety of patterns and colours, they are able to adapt to any decorative style. We have already seen how to integrate them in a retro style kitchen, but the options that hydraulic tiles allow us are very wide. Here are some examples of inspiration from our Mintons series, which combines tradition and avant-garde, colour and geometry for kitchens with a special charm.

    Outdoor tile trends

    The trend of decorating with tiles is not just limited to indoor spaces, but also extends to the outdoors. From patios and decks to pools and outdoor entertaining areas, tiles can completely transform an outdoor space. Natural stone tiles, such as travertine and slate, are popular for creating an elegant and sophisticated ambience, while ceramic and porcelain tiles offer a wide range of colour and design options. In addition, mosaics and decorative patterns can add a touch of creativity and unique style to any outdoor space.

    1. Tiles for In&Out projects: when exterior and interior merge together

    One of the trends in interior design projects for 2024 is to create spaces in which the interior and exterior merge, with In&Out pieces from the same collection that give continuity to the environments. Our Pietrasanta collection was created with this tile trend in mind as a compact and solid structure that serves as a suit for any type of project. With these pieces, inspired by the Cardoso stone, you can dress from facades, interiors, fireplaces and even swimming pool beaches.

    2. Swimming pool tile: beyond the classic mosaic

    Pool tiles must be extremely durable and resistant to withstand constant exposure to water, pool chemicals and variable weather conditions. Beyond the classic mosaics with blue tesserae for swimming pools, today there are many other options to give colour and personality to swimming pools, such as our Tahiti series, inspired by Balinese stone, a decoration trend for 2024.

    3. Outdoor mosaics

    One way of adding dynamism to exteriors is to use mosaics. Also to highlight a specific space and give it more prominence. At Dune, we are specialists in ceramic mosaics and we have a wide variety of pieces that can help you give that unique touch to your project, such as, for example, the Estratos Oxido-Dk, a natural slate mosaic that gives a very material aspect to any exterior.

    In short, the trend of decorating with tiles offers endless possibilities for transforming different areas of the home into visually stunning and functionally effective spaces. Whether in the bathroom, kitchen or outdoor spaces, tiles are a versatile and durable option that can be adapted to a wide range of design styles and personal preferences.

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