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Amazonite: pure exoticism turned into tiles

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    The Amazonite range represents exoticism in its purest form. This new collection of porcelain marble tiles radiates freshness and light due to their blue-green colour and high-gloss polished finish. Their striking design recreates the beauty of amazonite, a rare mineral and variety of feldspar, distinguished by its characteristic green colour. Highly prized due to its exclusivity and scarcity, this special mineral was used in ancient Egyptian jewellery.

    Designed for décor reminiscent of exotic landscapes, Amazonite is a versatile collection, ideal for any room in the home. While they can take centre stage in living rooms and kitchens, these marble-effect tiles can also transform bathrooms, elevating them to another level. In addition to green, the range also offers a more soothing version in grey called Amazonite Pearl. This shade is designed for those who shy away from maximalism and prefer a more elegant colour scheme.

    To create this collection, the work of the design team, who work on the basis of the latest trends, has been fundamental. Decoration, fashion and architecture are clear sources of inspiration for designing tiles that make a difference. Our mission is to create ceramic series designed for the most demanding professionals and in which there is room for both residential and contract projects.

    Design, trend and high performance

    This new range is a true reflection of nature, designed to create schemes reminiscent of exotic landscapes. Amazonite is a versatile solution for decorating any room in the home. While they can take centre stage in living rooms and kitchens, these marble-effect tiles can also transform bathrooms, elevating them to another level. For those who prefer a more serene style, the range has a much softer version in grey called Amazonite Pearl, created to be combined with tiles of the same shade for a subtle nod to colour in a space, or contrasted with the original green version, for people who like to take risks with their interior design.

    Thanks to the most advanced techniques, Amazonite tiles combine design and technical performance, making them the perfect choice for guaranteed durability. Available in 90x90cm and 60x120cm formats, these tiles come in a high-gloss polished finish (Amazonite and Amazonite Pearl) and in a silky satin finish (Amazonite Pearl).

    To complement this collection, we have also created eclectic tiles that mimic the effect of wallpaper, with expertly used raw materials that give them a material-like texture. The frits, chromates, metals and vibrant colours result in ceramic tiles with an unbeatable finish and texture.

    On the one hand, Manila, a 60x120cm decorative porcelain tile, combines a gold PVD base with a forest of palm leaves in Amazonite green for a truly on-trend design reminiscent of jungle landscapes, making it the perfect choice for contract projects that exude luxury and style. On the other hand, the Alchemy tile, also in 60x120cm format, is designed for a more sophisticated feel, and its geometric pattern in shades of green, grey and gold is similar to fashion-forward textiles or the most delicate Art Deco wallpaper designs.

    Mosaicos y lavabos como complemento ideal

    To finish, the Amazonite range has two mosaics: Amazonite Leaves and Amazonite Diamonds. The Amazonite Leaves mosaic features a two-pointed oval leaf shape, with Amazonite marble combined with gold PVD tiles. Meanwhile, the green Amazonite Diamonds mosaic is a classic and timeless design with diamond-shaped tiles. An ideal option for combining with the base tiles in this range, adding a discreet yet stylish decorative finish.

    The series also includes the Amazonite washbasin and the Amazonite Pearl washbasin, both handcrafted. These basins stand out for emulating the marble design of the tiles, being a perfect finishing touch for a spectacular bathroom.

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