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Kit-Kat: color, texture, and dynamism for any space

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    Inspired by Japanese ceramics, the new Kit-Kat range falls in line with the latest trends in decoration and interior design. This new collection is a clear commitment to soft curves, natural materials, authenticity, and chromaticism to create welcoming, vibrant, and balanced spaces.

    What is Kit-Kat?

    Kit-Kat is a series of porcelain tiles with a "finger" mosaic effect, a trend that is currently on the rise and reminiscent of the famous chocolate bar. With these smaller and more manageable tiles, you can add a tactile and dynamic touch to fill any decorative space with color and texture, be it a wall or a small area.

    It's a lightweight and easy-to-handle series that offers an endless mosaic effect and is also suitable for covering curved areas. With two finishes and multiple trending colors, it's ideal for adding texture and breaking the monotony of surfaces. Whether placed horizontally or vertically, it achieves a subtle yet striking effect.


    For installation, you only need a 2mm spacer and the grout color of your choice to match your style and preference. There is no better or worse color for joining your Kit-Kat, but the result will be completely different depending on the one you use. Hence, the great versatility and playfulness that this tile offers, capable of conveying a wide range of sensations depending on how it's combined with itself or other collections and the grout color.

    The triumph of organic shapes

    Kit-Kat is also a commitment to naturalness and organic forms, allowing us to create cozy, vibrant, balanced, and colorful spaces. This tile can be combined with itself or other collections to add a touch of style and functionality to any space, whether at home or in a commercial setting. Additionally, when combined with concrete or stone, it brings warmth to minimalist spaces.

    Formats and finishes of the Kit-Kat range

    The new Kit-Kat series is only available in one format: 11.5x23.1cm, but it comes in two finishes (matt and glossy) and 10 different colors (5 for each finish).

    Regarding the Matt finish, the color palette is serene, conveying well-being and harmony, with shades ranging from pinks or purples to pearly white and nature-inspired colors like blue and green.

    As for the Glossy finish, it features a fresh and bright palette drawn from nature, not forgetting the classic white. With this finish, you achieve a striking interplay of gleams and play of light and shadows on an ultra-bright surface, a sensory delight.

    Its main advantages

    Kit-Kat is a highly versatile series that adapts to any style, surface, and project. Here are its main advantages:

    • Easy installation: Its single format of 11.5x23.1cm makes it lightweight and easy to handle.
    • High gloss: Just like in the Agadir series, the special glitter in the glossy colors provides a spectacular intensity.
    • Endless mosaic effect: When placed with 2mm spacers and grouted, it presents a perfect mosaic effect.
    • It's modular: In addition to being installed horizontally or vertically, you can combine both orientations, leaving a 2mm gap between pieces.
    • Perfect for curved areas: The tiles that make up Kit-Kat are easy to cut to adapt to curved shapes.

    At Dune, we always design with an eye on fashion, architecture, design, and art trends. That's why we release series that align with the current moment, responding to our customers' needs and staying at the forefront of the industry.


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