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Tahiti: tropical inspiration for trendy swimming pools

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    The natural beauty of the Tahiti island and its inspirational culture are joined with the white sand light and the turquoise waters of its beaches to create a new collection of tiles that invites you to immerse yourself in the ocean depths. Tahiti suggests a pool tiles series inspired by the beautiful landscapes of this Pacific island and with an aspect that remember us of the Balinese stone, a complete trend in the pool’s design. 

    Trendy colours for the new Tahiti tiles

    In our wishes to offer tiles to projects that mark the difference, we present a reinterpretation of the famous Bali stone. The colourful, based on the beaches’ exuberance, the jungle landscapes and the strength of this volcanic stone, allows us to coat pools transforming them into small tropical paradises.

    Therefore, we present two tonalities: Emerald and Turquoise. Both colours present an approach to the landscaping design where pools are perfectly integrated with gardens and terraces inviting, in this way, disconnection and personal relaxation. The Tahiti’s graphic variety, with 25 different faces, develops the natural aspect of tiles, as well as, presents a shade variation between pieces that highlight because of its richness and chromatic tones.

    Sizes and finishes of the Tahiti series

    The Tahiti porcelain tiles are available in 14,7×14.7 cm format and have two finishes: glossy and Class 3 non-slip matt. As a result, apart from the traditional ceramic use, coating walls and floors or decorating specific zones, such as walls or shower trays, the non-slip version offers a lot of possibilities in walls of water, spa zones or pools. 

    In this sense, the gloss finish is designed to cover the inside of the pool because when it is in contact with water and light, it gives off impressive glints. This effect is achieved thanks to the glass grains that taint the surface, reproducing the water effect sliding over them.

    On the other hand, the matt finish is an ideal solution for the pool crown or the steps inside it. Its Class 3 non-slip finish increases the level of security until the maximum, avoiding all possible accidents.

    We have the Bullnose piece for a perfect finish in steps or pool crown. This finish is ideal thanks to its rounded edge and Class 3 non-slip finish.

    Advantages of the Tahiti series tiles

    Tahiti has a lot of advantages as a pool solution. Its durability, weather resistance, temperature shock resistance, chemical product resistance and easy cleaning makes it an alternative most durable than the gresite tiles, which eventually fall off over the years. Furthermore, its rustic and natural appearance makes it a powerful decorative element that matches easily with the environment.

    In the same way, this new series can also be used for interiors, in order to give naturalness and design to interior design projects. Moreover, thanks to its versatility, this series is designed to be combined with Pietrasanta tiles. As a result, the combination of both products offers a contemporary aesthetic characterised by the naturalness of the colour and the rusticity of the finishes.

    These pool tiles offer a decorative alternative to designing pools with soul. Colours with a natural appearance transport us to paradise in the blink of an eye. Do you immerse in this tropical paradise?

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