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Bathroom with marble? The best combinations of marble with small tiles

In this article we talk about:

    Without any doubt, marble is a trend. This type of decorative element provides sobriety, elegance and timelessness to rooms and it also offers the possibility to create environments where sophistication is the distinguishing mark. Generally, marble was an old-fashioned option principally made for living rooms or main spaces because of the particularities of its material. However, with the industry developments and digitalisation of the processes, ceramics with marble effect has been its type of design that can be present in any room. Furthermore, for people who go away and want to design eclectic spaces, small-format tiles and mosaics are perfect options to create an ideal environment. Do you imagine a bathroom with marble which is memorable? Follow reading the next lines to make it a reality!

    Why choose a bathroom with marble?

    The reason is simple. Marble provides design to any room, but taking into account that bathrooms are necessary spaces in a project and on many occasions they are not so broad, this type of material provides brightness and makes the dimensions bigger, especially using a marble imitation large-format porcelain tile.

    Marble is a material that provides continuity and uniformity to a space. Generally, its seams and lines generate dynamism and movement sense. Thus, choosing marble for a bathroom not only increases the finish quality, but is also a great option.

    Furthermore, nowadays, marble is not only used to create floorings and coatings, but it also takes part in the furniture, the worktops and the decorative elements in a room.

    Reasons to choose marble effect tiles for the bathroom

    According to the previous information, in the following lines, we want to list different reasons to choose this type of finishing for flooring or coating for your bathroom, without ignoring trends in bathroom tiles.

    The principal aspects to take into account are:

    • Functionality
    • Easy-clean
    • Time-resistant
    • Durability
    • Moisture and temperature changes resistant

    The latest trend: combining marble with small piece tiles

    Thus, if you have decided to put marble in the bathroom, you cannot ignore the latest trends: combine the marble effect tile with small-format tiles.

    The small-format tile type provides creating infinite combinations and lets the architect or interior designer's imagination run free. Small-format tiles provide play with forms, disposition or colouring, empowering the aspects that increase the room in a superior category.

    What do you think about the Baikal, Theia and Caronte marbles combinations with Tabarca, Agadir or Magnet?

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