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    The Black Infinity project is located in 62, Ipaguirre Street, in Leioa (Vizcaya), a town 10 km far from Bilbao (Spain). The architect in charge, Juan Elexpuru, has explained us how restoration took place: "The buiding façade has been done with ceramic materials, as originally built, but this time it has been given an up-to-date appearance with Black Infinity reference".
    Elexpuru also explained that: "the Association of owners wanted the building to keep its style but with a modern and timeless appearance so that it continues being a referent despite time passing". The choice of this Dune product was because of its "unique, attractive, extraordinary and young character". The responsible building company, Impercaya, has mentioned that: "The biggest challenge was that most of the 80 owners agreed on the ideal product to be used.
    Residents and owners have remarked the completetely out-of-the-ordinary and spectacular looking of this product, stating that “Black Infinity bestows the same characteristics of the piece itself on the building.” On one hand, both Impercaya and the builder, Gorka Pino, have remarked the easiness of handling and installing the pieces, as they were sized 10x10cm and margins could be easily fit in with all different blocks of flats. On the other hand, Dune adapted the product to the project, making it of stoneware instead of white body, in order to improve its adhesion and to make it suitable for outside setting.

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