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Black & Light Calacatta: the reinterpretation of marble from a contemporary perspective

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    Sophistication, elegance and a combination of Black/NavyBlue trend to create the Black & Light Calacatta series. The new collection of marbles proposes a series of very special pieces, based on the aesthetics of Calacatta Black, a rare North African marble appreciated for its drama and expressiveness. In contrast to the Black, the fantasy version Light Calacatta. With them, the classic Black&White concept is reinvented, offering new nuances and designs, in a creative exercise that reinterprets marble from a contemporary perspective. 

    To create Black & Light Calacatta we have been inspired by the latest lifestyle trends. Architecture, interior design and even fashion have marked the way to create this new collection. At Dune, we have no other goal than to offer you unique materials to create memorable projects. As a result, the new Calacatta series, with its unmistakable stamp, allows you to create both classic and contemporary environments. Its versatility makes it a unique collection.

    Black & Light, two sides of the same coin imminently united

    On the one hand, Black Calacatta is characterised by its stylish uniqueness. Its striking light-coloured veins cut through the intense bluish-black base, adding light and character thanks to their directional movement. This design emulates the vibrancy of shooting stars streaking across the dark night sky, making this marble ideal for simple yet elegant projects.

    In contrast, Light Calacatta features a white base rich in grey and slightly bluish tones, where bold graphite veins break the monotony and give personality to the design thanks to their directional movement. Much more relaxed than the Black, this version is ideal for recreating a minimalist ambiance where the marble-effect tile is the focus of the room.

    The Black & Light Calacatta series offers many design possibilities, allowing you to combine both colourways and mix and match the different formats and finishes. Black Calacatta is available in a high-gloss polished finish, while Light Calacatta also comes in a satin finish. Both are available in 90x90cm and 60x120cm formats.

    Decorated pieces and washbasins, the perfect accessories

    The Calacatta series features decorative tiles in both colours, providing a comprehensive solution for all types of projects, from the most traditional to the most eclectic. Tiara is an Art Deco-inspired tile in 60x120cm Black Calacatta, which oozes glamour and luxury, taking you right back to the Great Gatsby era. Its geometric design with golden rounded shapes on a dark background gives it a timeless elegance.

    The collection also includes the Black Calacatta Gold Mosaic, with scale-shaped tiles combining the intense dark shade of the marble and the brilliance of the gold PVD detailing to achieve a very special effect.

    Just like Black Calacatta, Light Calacatta also has its own special designs. Windsor is a decorative 60x120cm tile featuring a play between geometric shapes made with subtle raw materials laid over the dark directional veins of the tile itself, filling it with nuances and sparkle.

    Likewise, with their classic geometric design, the Black&Light Calacatta and Light Calacatta Duo mosaics stand out for their combination of tiles, both in the Black&White and Light versions, which feature polished and satin finishes without losing the essence of the striking marble veining.

    To complete the new collection, the Light Calacatta and Legacy washbasins are perfect for adding a distinctive touch to a bathroom. The Light Calacatta washbasin perfectly reflects the essence of marble and, as it is handcrafted, the exclusivity of each piece is guaranteed. The Legacy washbasin is made of glass and coated with silver PVD, creating a unique effect.

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