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TOP Trends: futuristic style decoration for home rooms

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    The futuristic style decoration is synonymous with visual impact. Creating different spaces and in which the avant-garde is the common link is the maxim of this type of interior design. Likewise, for a futuristic decoration, we must not forget that technology plays a fundamental role, not only when it comes to making your day-to-day life easier, but also by clearly betting on energy savings and efficiency in the home. All in all, in this post, we tell you interesting ideas to be able to convert your house and introduce a futuristic-style decoration in all the rooms of the home.

    The futuristic style, like the rest of the decorative styles, is defined by several characteristics. If you want your interior design project or your home to breathe the air of the future, you cannot ignore these keys. It is worth mentioning that Futurism is a movement of artistic avant-garde currents, founded by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in Italy. Tommaso wrote the Manifesto of Futurism, published on February 5, 1909 in the Bologna Gazzetta dell'Emilia newspaper. This declaration of intent would mark a before and after in all areas: design, culture, fashion, architecture, gastronomy, painting, arts, etc.

    The characteristics of the futuristic style

    As far as interior decoration and architecture are concerned, the futuristic style is defined by these characteristics:

    • Exaltation of originality.
    • Structures that symbolize movement.
    • Content related to dynamism.
    • Use of shapes and colors to generate rhythms.
    • Resplendent color palette.
    • Use of transparencies.
    • Clear commitment to lines and details.

    What is retro futuristic style?

    Within this current and as a result of evolution, retro-futurism was born. This style fuses the aesthetics of the 70's with futuristic technology. The starting point is found in the arrival of man on the Moon, a moment in which society reflects on the importance of technology and the transcendental role it plays.

    The futuristic retro style goes one step further and raises the characteristics of futurism to its maximum exponent. It is an ode to nonconformity and a transgression of the established.

    The futuristic style in interior design

    If you want to create a home with futuristic decoration, we recommend starting with the transformation of the living room. The main thing is to let home automation and artificial intelligence come to stay. In addition, the technology must be patent in all the elements. As far as furniture is concerned, don't forget to bet on designs with curved lines. Also, choose the colors well: stick with 2 or 3 shades and boost their prominence. Do not forget to include methacrylate, fiberglass or plastic in the decorative elements.

    As far as the kitchen is concerned, we recommend basing yourself on minimalism to create a space that fits perfectly with the futuristic style. Thus, it follows the idea that less is always more and is committed to creating a practical and efficient environment. In your minimalist style kitchen, furniture with structures, neutral colors and, of course, appliances cannot be missing. Electronic devices take center stage as technology is a clear symbol that the future is present.

    The bedrooms of a futuristic-style house must have innovation as a common denominator. In addition, these rooms must be functional and comfortable for users, as well as favor rest. To do this, go for beds without a headboard or with different proposals and make this element the center of the room. Textiles and bedding should contrast with the rest of the colors in the room.

    For the bathrooms of a futuristic-style house, the toilets play a fundamental role. Choosing a wall-mounted toilet or sink, as well as a minimalist shower, will clearly reflect the decorative intentions. Similarly, do not forget to choose curved shapes for the furniture.

    However, if there is one element that plays a key role in futuristic decoration, it is lighting. It is important to bet on natural light and promote open spaces to create the perfect atmosphere. White LED lighting is key to achieving the futuristic touch you want. As for light, it is better that natural light enters with large windows. Although when it is cloudy or at night, the ideal is to have white LED lights to give a more futuristic touch. In addition, in futuristic interior design, the backlighting of the furniture cannot be missing to create a perfect environment.

    In any case, you should not forget that freedom should reign when it comes to decorating a room or creating a futuristic project. Do not put restrictions on your ideas and, following the established premises, design the home of the future.

    Mosaics for a futuristic style

    From Dune, we propose several mosaics to be able to design your interior project in a futuristic style. Remember that they should bet on symmetrical lines and shapes, while the color should enhance the lighting. What do you think of this selection?

    Tiles for futuristic living rooms and bathrooms

    Continuing with the examples, below, we offer you the best tile options for futuristic living rooms and bathrooms. These designs bring together everything that futuristic interior design needs to convey the key concepts.

    Special mention for the entire Shapes series. With the tiles of this collection it is possible to create spaces in which volume is the predominant note. Its reliefs invite you to design unique spaces, while its combinations allow you to decorate with personality. Welcome to the future!





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