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Create a burst of colour with green bathroom tiles

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    Immersed in spring and already thinking about summer, colour is invading everything. Fashion catwalks, trends, gastronomy and, of course, decoration. At Dune we are in favour of decorating in full colour and always looking to inspire memorable spaces. With colour you can create sensations and project inspiring atmospheres. So, today we want to talk about the possibilities that green bathroom tiles offer us.

    Why choose green in the bathroom?

    You are probably wondering why decoration in green is such a popular colour for the bathroom and why it fits perfectly with this type of rooms. This chromatic range is directly linked to nature and, as a result, it evokes calm and relaxation. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why these tones offer a wide range of possibilities for decorating a bathroom.

    The colour green represents, together with white, the maximum exponent of concentration and serenity. Likewise, it helps us to connect directly with the environment, managing to promote something that is currently in vogue, such as biophilic design.

    It should also be noted that the colour green in interior design conveys the idea that a space is relaxing and refreshing, at the same time as it promotes the harmony of the space. In addition, the subconscious directly relates the colour green to everything natural and organic, which is why it is one of the colours that most attracts the eye and produces a sense of balance.

    How to incorporate the colour green in bathroom decoration?

    At this point we want to give you ideas, based on the trends, so that you can incorporate the colour green in your bathroom. The simplest and most eye-catching thing to do is to choose the flooring or wall tiles in this colour, so that the whole room is impregnated with the sensations we have been talking about previously. Ceramic tiles offer you an infinite number of finishes when designing a bathroom, not only in terms of formats, but also in terms of finishes.

    Another option that is on the rise is to choose the colour of the washbasin in green to give a touch to the bathroom. There are also those who choose to combine all the sanitary ware in this way.

    You can also introduce green into your bathroom with paint or wallpaper. You can choose this shade for one of the walls or to highlight a specific area. Remember that, as the bathroom is a room exposed to humidity and temperature changes, you should choose the right paint so that the passage of time does not affect its appearance.

    Finally, if you do not want to change the appearance of the room too much, you can choose green for textiles, such as towels, shower curtains or carpets, or for bathroom accessories.

    Is it a good idea to use green tiles in the bathroom?

    Of course it is. As we mentioned before, this type of tiles not only bring trend and design, but also create the perfect setting for relaxation. This tile option to decorate your bathroom is, without a doubt, the best one to take if you want to create your own little paradise without leaving your home.

    Different types of green tiles for the bathroom

    From Dune, as experts in ceramics, we want to tell you about the latest trends in bathroom tiles, specifically green tiles.

    On the one hand, the small piece offers multiple possibilities for the bathroom, thanks to its combinations of formats and finishes. In this sense, the Tabarca and Agadir series offer you green tiles to decorate your bathroom.

    In the same way, ceramic pieces in hexagonal format, such as the Berlin, Chicago or Magnet series, offer you the possibility of covering bathroom floors or walls in a unique and different way.

    Furthermore, one of the possibilities that ceramics offer for your bathroom are mosaics. These types of pieces are also a great option for wall coverings or bathroom showers. Specifically, the Libertas piece, inspired by the green finish of the well-known Statue of Liberty, offers you the possibility of impregnating your bathroom with green.

    Finally, we should not overlook the ceramic pieces decorated with biophilic inspiration. Nature is the central axis of the design and, all this added to the possibilities offered by ceramics, allows us to create tiles inspired by the most exotic landscapes. The models Marina, from the Chicago series, or Tropic, from the Magnet series, are a clear example of this.

    Aqua green tiles for the bathroom

    In terms of trends, the colour mint burst onto the decoration scene a few years ago and is here to stay. Therefore, aqua green tiles for the bathroom are a perfect option if you want this room to look trendy. This chromatic option allows you to create an environment that mimics the marine inspiration, recreating patterns that invite you to disconnect.

    All in all, it is clear that green bathroom tiles are not only fashionable but also the best option to design unique rooms. What do you think?

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