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The latest trends in rustic kitchen decoration

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    Rustic kitchen decoration is a trend that is gaining more and more strength in the world of interior design. With a touch of elegance and simplicity, rustic kitchens manage to create a cosy and familiar atmosphere in the home. At the same time, their style has adapted to current trends and has evolved towards the incorporation of modern elements, creating a balance between the traditional and the contemporary. In this post, we will talk about everything you need to take into account to achieve a rustic kitchen decoration, as well as some of the most important colours and decorative elements you can use to achieve it.

    What do you need to take into account to give a rustic touch to a kitchen?

    To achieve a rustic style in the kitchen, it is important to take into account elements such as natural materials like wood and stone, as well as rough textures and finishes. You can also add handcrafted details and antique pieces to complement the rustic look of the kitchen, such as second-hand furniture or vintage decorative objects that can bring an extra touch of authenticity to the space.

    So, if you want your rustic kitchen to reflect your personality and lifestyle, while providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the following elements are a must:

    Natural materials

    Natural materials, such as wood, stone and ceramics, are key to achieving a rustic style in the kitchen. These materials provide texture and depth to the décor, as well as a warm and welcoming look.

    Rough textures

    Rough textures, such as rough surfaces or wooden legs, are an important aspect of rustic décor. These elements add a touch of personality and authenticity to the kitchen.

    Handcrafted details

    Adding handcrafted details, such as wrought iron hardware or copper accessories, complements the rustic style and creates a unique, personalised look in the kitchen.

    Antique pieces

    Antique pieces, such as reclaimed wood beams or farm tables, can add a touch of history and charm to the kitchen décor.


    The right lighting is crucial to achieving a rustic look in the kitchen. Ceiling lights with fabric shades or wall sconces with a wrought iron finish are excellent choices to complement the style.

    Colour in a rustic kitchen décor

    Colour is a key aspect of rustic kitchen décor. Soft, natural colours, such as white, grey and earth tones, are ideal for creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. 

    White rustic kitchens

    White rustic kitchens are a classic and sophisticated option. Decorating in white is always a success. With their simplicity and elegance, rustic white kitchens create a bright and spacious atmosphere.

    White is a classic and versatile colour that can be used to decorate rustic kitchens. It adds light and spaciousness to the room, and can be combined with a variety of natural materials and textures.

    Rustic blue kitchens

    Blue rustic kitchens offer a fresh and welcoming style. Blue, especially in lighter shades, perfectly complements natural materials and creates a relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen.

    In addition to this, blue can add depth and warmth to the kitchen décor. It can be used in a variety of shades, from navy to sky blue, to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

    Rustic kitchens with other colours

    In addition to the colours mentioned above, other popular colours for rustic kitchens include olive green, grey, terracotta or beige. These colours add a touch of texture and depth to the kitchen décor and are ideal for creating a sense of balance and harmony in the kitchen. They also combine with natural materials, such as wood and stone, for an authentic, rustic look.

    Porcelain tile ideas for rustic kitchens 

    In addition to colours, the choice of floor and wall tiles also influences the kitchen décor. Ceramic tiles with handcrafted designs and rough textures are an excellent choice for rustic kitchens, while stone and brick cladding can add depth and nuance to the décor.

    In this sense, hydraulic tiles are a great option for decorating rustic-style kitchens. Their geometric patterns and designs bring tradition to the décor, while their colourfulness adds vibrancy to the room.

    On the other hand, tiles that represent natural textures such as wood, earth or linen are perfect for creating a traditional atmosphere in your rustic kitchen.

    Ideas for decorating a small rustic kitchen

    Below, we offer you a series of additional ideas for decorating a small rustic kitchen in an effective and different way:

    • Making the most of vertical space: one way to make the most of space in a small kitchen is to use the walls to store and display decorative items. For example, you can hang floating shelves to display your kitchen utensils and crockery, or hang a row of hangers to hang your towels and aprons.
    • Warm lighting: lighting is crucial to create a cosy atmosphere in a small kitchen. Use ceiling lights with warm lights or recessed ceiling lights to illuminate the kitchen and add a rustic touch.
    • Minimalist style: keeping a minimalist style in kitchen decor can help create a tidier and more open space. Choose a soft colour palette and avoid overloading the room with unnecessary items.
    • Personalised accessories: add personalised touches to your kitchen with unique, handcrafted accessories, such as handmade ceramic dinnerware or a set of wooden-handled chef's knives.
    • Rustic details: incorporate rustic details into your kitchen décor, such as a cast iron sink, antique cooker or natural stone sink. These elements can help create an authentic and cosy atmosphere.

    How to decorate a rustic country kitchen?

    If there is one choice that never fails, it is the rustic style for the rural environment. For this reason, we offer you some tips on how to decorate a rustic country kitchen:

    • Wooden furniture: Wooden furniture is an essential feature in a rustic country kitchen. Opt for dark or rustic wood furniture, such as oak or walnut, to add a touch of texture and warmth to the room.
    • Natural textiles: use natural textiles, such as linen, cotton or wool, to add a warm and cosy touch to your kitchen décor. For example, you can place a wool blanket on a chair or a linen curtain at the window.
    • Natural lighting: take advantage of natural light to illuminate the kitchen and create a warm and cosy atmosphere. If the room has no windows, consider installing a skylight or recessed ceiling light with warm lights.
    • Ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are a classic element of rustic country kitchen décor. Opt for tiles with simple designs and natural textures to add an authentic touch to the room.
    • Copper accessories: Copper accessories, such as kitchen faucets, are a popular element of rustic country kitchen décor. They add a sleek, metallic touch to the décor, and are also easy to clean.
    • Plants and flowers: Plants and fresh flowers are a natural and welcoming element in rustic country kitchen decor. Place pots of green plants on shelves or on the kitchen counter to add a touch of life and colour to the room.

    Here are some tips for decorating a rustic country kitchen. Remember that decorating a rustic kitchen should be warm, cosy and reflect nature and simplicity. Play with different textures and natural materials to create a unique and authentic atmosphere.

    Modern tiles for a rustic kitchen

    Modern tiles can be an excellent choice for a rustic kitchen if tastefully combined with rustic elements. Here is a list of ideas for using modern tiles in a rustic kitchen:

    • Tiles with geometric patterns: tiles with geometric patterns and bright colours can be an excellent contrast to the rustic elements in the kitchen.
    • Large format ceramic tiles: large format ceramic tiles have a modern and elegant look and can be an excellent choice for the wall behind the worktop or on the back wall.
    • Tiles with abstract designs: tiles with abstract designs can be an excellent choice to add a touch of colour and originality to the kitchen.
    • Tiles with metallic finishes: tiles with metallic finishes, such as gold or silver, are an excellent option to add a modern and elegant touch to the kitchen.

    It is important to keep in mind that, although modern tiles can add a touch of elegance and originality to a rustic kitchen, balance is also important to create a harmonious environment. Modern tiles are an excellent option for adding a touch of elegance and originality to a rustic kitchen, as long as they are combined in the right way.

    All in all, if you want your rustic kitchen to keep its essence and be pure trend, take note of everything we have told you.

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