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Selene Grey, perfect union of trend and timelessness

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    The Selene series, one of the most acclaimed of our products, presents a new colour variation in response to the latest trends. This series of porcelain marbles is inspired by onyx, a material formed by depositions of calcium carbonate, usually in cavities in limestone massifs. As a result, onyx is a mineral that stands out for the random and unrepeatable richness of its nuances and, therefore, the Selene series proposes a marble with personality. 

    In this sense, and in response to trends in fashion, architecture and design, we have incorporated the colour grey into the existing range of Selene marble tiles. With this, we manage to strengthen the timelessness of this product and we respond to the demands of professionals who seek neutrality in marble.

    Thus, Selene Grey brings neutral nuances to any style and allows combining this marble with small piece tiles, in which colour and finish are the focus of attention. However, and for those who want the marble to be the protagonist of a project, the personality of the random veining of the Selene Grey makes this new product leave no one indifferent.

    Varieties of Selene

    This delicate marble effect tile, with a polished finish, has a 90x90cm format that is perfect for giving spaciousness to rooms. Its intense grey colour with veining gives character and sophistication to any room. This new timeless tile allows you to create spaces full of personality and distinction.

    All in all, Selene Grey joins the already existing Selene Dark, Selene Sky, Selene Light and Selene Capuccino, all of them designed to create contemporary-inspired projects in which marble has a lot of strength. Which is your favourite Selene marble?



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