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Trends that will influence decoration in 2021

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    It is now a reality: society has changed, as have the ways we consume and inhabit spaces. Given the new social context shaped by the effects of Covid-19, for this new season, the ceramic industry is undergoing a shift, with the (immediate) need to adapt to people’s new way of life.

    The lockdown that has altered our daily rhythms and habits, the need to carry out many activities in the home that used to take place elsewhere and the quest to find outdoor spaces have been the great leitmotiv that has changed the approach to designing spaces this year.

    Recognizing trends: ceramic + fashion

    Basic, lifeless designs are now a thing of the past. In the ceramic industry, we now thrive on the exchange of ideas, connecting concepts, inquisitiveness, predictive talent and the blend of artistic perspectives from different sectors.

    This is why industries like fashion are becoming a true reflection of what we want as a society. And sometimes, even of what we are becoming. Our desire for comfort - with comfy fabrics like cotton and French terry, bright colours that cheer us up so that we can face the crisis with a smile on our faces and jeans with a far more relaxed or slouchy fi has revealed some of these needs. People have changed. And trends have changed with them.

    In DUNE CERÁMICA we are continuously researching and we have converted our head office into a trend observatory. Want to find out what’s coming this season?


    Insight Study: our decoration trend research

    DUNE presents its Insight Study, a new biannual publication that will help you understand the origin of new trends in fashion and their application (because it always arrives) in home decoration.

    Every action has its own repercussions, and fashion designers know they have created a trend when it can be recognized not only on the streets, but also in interiors. Furniture, textiles, floors and walls are impregnated with the colors, shapes and textures of the new top products of the catwalks.

    But the key of trends has, as we have mentioned before, a sociological basis and the year 2020 has left us with some that can inspire your next project. Here are the four most interesting trends in decoration for 2021, you can read the full report by clicking here.

    Cozy Interiors

    Mainly driven by the lockdown, this trend is turning the home into a comfortable safe haven where you can work remotely, relax and even do sports. Neutral colours ranging from beige to earth tones, open spaces = loose clothes, smooth textures and a design that puts comfort first, but without forgetting about style. These are some of the most characteristic maxims of this trend.

    Vitamin Spaces

    Featuring vibrant colours, traditional textures, graphic patterns and a wet-look finish (gloss) to enhance the natural brightness of spaces, this new trend emerged to create cheerful settings that bring out the positive side in people. A new form of resilience through design, promoted to combat the negative impact that the Coronavirus health crisis has had on everyone’s collective psyche.

    Iridescent Mix

    This trend seeks to create a wow effect through transparencies, flexible fabrics and iridescent shades that recreate a visual fantasy that veers between bluish and pink hues and is reminiscent of a rainbow effect. Fun, extravagance and happy moods are some of the defining characteristics of the Iridescent Mix trend, a style packed full of creativity with a touch of pop which brings the lively nightlives of cities like Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong to any place on the planet. And all without having to leave your home.

    Modern Glam

    Represented by neutral colours that add warmth, metal decorative details in which gold reigns supreme and highly glamorous materials including silk, velvet and Calacatta marble, the Classic Glam style has been redefined this season to embody sophistication from a more contemporary perspective. Modern Glam includes elements that are more modern and timeless, with a minimalist style and including cosmopolitan and artistic touches to create a perfect blend between modernity and style.

    Don't forget that to access the full report of trends in decoration for 2021 you can always visit our catalogs tab!

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