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Commercial Sanitary Set

A functional and practical project for daily use, yet at the same time, it has a surprising and fun touch thanks to the color provided by our Dune tiles.

A play of colors for bathrooms with a lot of style

Architect Carla Carer is behind this project for a sanitary set in a supermarket in Carlos Barbosa (Brazil). The idea behind all the interior design was to use a common piece in both environments (men's and women's bathrooms) to provide continuity to the design. In this case, the piece responsible for this function was our Terrazzo, a hexagonal decorative tile designed on a white base with splashes of colors reminiscent of traditional terrazzo.

And precisely those colors are what gave Carer the flexibility to select two and give them the prominence they deserved in each of the bathrooms. In this case, those pieces are Chicago Exa Ginger (for the women's bathroom) and Chicago Exa Royal (for the men's). These colors are present in the terrazzo pieces, creating a play of colors with an asymmetric arrangement and a chromatic and harmonious combination among the different pieces.

The final result is a stylish bathroom, where each piece fits perfectly with the one it coexists with, but also in a global design (considering both bathrooms). A result that, beyond meeting expectations, i.e., being functional and practical for daily use, adds a creative, fun, and surprising touch. A perfect 10!

*Photographs: Emerson Ribeiro (@emersonribeirofotografias)

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