Bathroom Cremabella

The designer María Sofronova proposes a home that radiates design with the use of pieces from the Cremabella series.

Pieces used in the project

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Cremabella, absolute sophistication for the home

The projects of the interior architect  Maria Sofronova stand out for their style. Thanks to his sensitivity, he designs unique environments whose common denominator is elegance. There is never anything left over or missing, everything is in its right measure.

In this sense, his residential projects are characterized by having a common thread that connects all the rooms. As a result, the home becomes a whole and each room has a leading role.

To achieve this in this private home, the Cremabella series of tiles has played a fundamental role. Specifically, the Bella Cream and Carezza Crema pieces are the great attraction of this residential project.

Connection of spaces

The interior architect Maria Sofronova has chosen the Bella Cream tile as flooring for the kitchen, living room and hallway of the house. Its beige, nude and copper tones combine perfectly with wallpaper, furniture and wood.

In addition to this, in the kitchen, the entire wall of the furniture shows off the Carezza Crema tile, providing elegance and sophistication to the entire room. All in all, this project represents an elegant, as well as functional home.

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