House Cumbres

This family home reflects the individual personality of this family, thanks to the ideas and ingenuity of designer Gina Rosete.

Pieces used in the project

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Casa Cumbres, the home that awakens emotions

The Casa Cumbres project represents the sensations and emotions of the family. The interior architect Gina Rosete has been fully involved in the project to ensure that each corner of this house breathes the essence of the clients.

For this, the selection of decorative pieces has been fundamental. Thanks to the shape of the tiles from the Shapes series, Gina Rosete manages to give life and movement to each space. Thus, this project plays with contrasts, light and shadows. In this sense, the 3D-shaped tiles offer a play of light contrast.

Customization of rooms

Casa Cumbres is synonymous with imagination and integration to make a clear difference. The design of the project is based on an idea in which the environments are inspired by the emotions that the end users will be able to experience. For this reason, there are rooms that arouse very personal emotions, while there are other rooms that present shared ideals. In this way, Gina Rosete gets the family to be on the same page in certain places in the home.

As a result, the architecture of this house reflects the fine line between the private and the public. Each space tells a story and each story is a unique sensation. Perfect inspiration!

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