Bathroom for a private dwelling

Using materials with a chunky appearance to create an industrial look was the main task in this project. Rust and vibrant colors dominate the space in the form of its floor and wall tiles. A bold choice!

A bathroom with a strong industrial feel

The designer Alexander Kononenko brought this bold bathroom project to life, with the help of our dealer Zodiac Ceramica. The room, in a private dwelling in Moscow, features a strong industrial look and a chic touch. In this bathroom, the rugged lines, with dark shades and right angles, give it an austere, clearly understated feel in every part of the room.

To create the desired effect, Kononenko chose tiles with a metallic look that mimics rust to cover the floors and walls. The tiles from the Diurne range, whose design is based on blending industrial components, feature a rust-like appearance, with the performance of conventional tiles. The specific models used were Oxide Ethnic and Oxid.

Combination to create contrasts

Both pieces were combined with a traditional mosaic with bold colors, in sharp contrast with the rest of the setting, with the Bronzo mosaic. With this mixture, Alexander Kononeko uses the mosaic’s bold colors to create contrasts in the room.

To finish off the room and bring the tile to life, furniture was chosen with well-defined geometric shapes and few decorative details, to avoid drawing the eye away from the design of the tiles. It is also worth mentioning that golden-colored narrow profiles were installed as trims on the corners throughout the room.


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