Poeme house

This family home, located in Sant Joan de Moro (Castellon), is a project made by the design team of Dune. Commodity and wellness are perfectly highlighted.

Combination of light colours: the Mediterranean essence 

This private house, located in the Valencian town of Sant Joan de Moro, transmits warmth to people who live there. Earth, white and blue tones, that remember us of the Mediterranean Sea, are the principal colours that coat this home.

With the Hipster smoke tile as the flooring of all rooms, the materials and styles variety that we find is numerous. Different rooms thought by the design team of Dune made a home where aesthetics and modernity are the main characters. 

Three bathrooms, three opposite styles 

Despite presenting the same flooring, each one has a unique decoration. Thanks to playing with lights and the combination of different mosaics and tiles the most varied styles are achieved.

First of all, the bathroom is completely clad in marble. With pieces from the Calacatta collection, an elegant and captivating atmosphere is created. The super white tone of the Calacatta Lux piece conveys purity to the room. In addition, choosing the Lux mosaic as shower coating is an ideal option to give style and modernity to this bathroom. A touch that is sure to leave no one indifferent.

On the other hand, we have bathrooms that combine the mosaic green and blue tones with the sand tone, a chromatic variety that no doubt remember us of the Mediterranean Sea. Combining the Deep or Poeme mosaics with the Arena and Hipster smoke tiles creates a sense of warmth and comfort fundamental for any home is achieved. Thanks to the combination of natural elements, the detailed choice of cladding and furniture materials, and the careful planning of accessories, Dune's designers have created cosy and harmonious bathrooms that inspire tranquillity and well-being.

Modern and minimalist kitchen: all in white 

In the kitchen, the walls have also been coated with white tiles. The Just white gloss tile increases the sense of pureness and highlights the kitchen furniture. Especially the central kitchen island, where the modern aesthetics of the stools leaves nobody indifferent. Is there where the Mediterranean style that we find in every house merges. With the paint with blue and green tones and the use of the Calacatta Superwhite tile, merging the three bathroom styles in the same room is achieved.

As we have been able to see, despite having the Hipster smoke tile as a common thread throughout the home. The decorative varieties that we find are very modern and attractive. Congratulations on the result!

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