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The best tips for the distribution and design of beautiful and elegant bathrooms  

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    The bathroom is more than a functional space in our home. It is a private oasis where we search for relaxed moments, a refuge where we can indulge and care for ourselves. Therefore, in the research of aesthetics perfection, we often tackle challenges regarding the distribution and the selection of appropriate elements. Never mind about it, because you are in the correct place. In this post, we offer valuable tips to create beautiful and elegant bathrooms, which will be true masterpieces of beauty and elegance. Are you ready to load in this adventure of design? Read on and let us guide you towards creating a bathroom that will be the envy of all those who visit it because it brings together the latest trends.

    The bathroom must reflect our personality and style, and its distribution and design have to be as beautiful as they are elegant. The design of beautiful and elegant bathrooms has not only to follow the trends of the last, but it also has to find an equilibrium between functionality and style. Every detail counts, from the layout of the essential elements to the choice of materials, colours and accessories. Bathrooms with marble, toilets with wood, double washbasins, free-standing bathtubs… Allow us to guide you on this exciting trip to the creation of a bathroom which makes you feel like a luxurious spa always where you enter.

    10 tips to achieve a beautiful and elegant bathroom

    Be ready to discover how to take advantage of the maximum available space, play with light to create cosy environments, choose the appropriate elements to add a touch of satisfaction and much more. Get inspired with our ideas and expert tips to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and elegance.

    Tip 1: maximize the space

    If your bathroom is small, take advantage of each square centimetre. Optimise the space using furniture and accessories, such as built-in wardrobes, floater shelves and suspended washbasins.

    Tip 2: neutral colours and soft tones

    Opt for a neutral colours palette and soft tones to create a relaxing and sophisticated environment. Whites, creams, greys and pastel tones convey elegance and luminosity well.

    Tip 3: strategical lighting

    Lighting plays an essential paper in the design of an elegant bathroom. Combine general lighting with punctual lights in core areas, such as the mirror or the shower. Weigh up the option to install recessed lights or wall lamps for a more modern aspect.

    Tip 4: quality materials

    Use quality materials for wall and floor coatings, such as ceramics, natural stone or wood tiles. These materials will add texture and sophistication to the bathroom. Furthermore, it is essential to consider that they will be pieces with high outputs to resist the passing of time.

    Tip 5: big mirrors

    The big mirrors are not only practical, but they also can make a small bathroom seems bigger. Opt for a mirror with an elegant frame or without a frame for a modern aspect.

    Tip 6: elegant bathroom fittings

    Choose taps and bathroom accessories with elegant finishes, such as chromium or stainless steel. The cleaning and minimal lines will add a touch of sophistication. 

    Tip 7: discreet storage

    Maintain your bathroom organized and free of clutter using discreet storage solutions. Include built-in wardrobes, cabinets with handle-less doors or elegant storage baskets.

    Tip 8: luxury details

    Add small luxury details, such as plush towels, soft rugs, designer soap dispensers or decorative accessories that make a difference. These subtle elements will instantly elevate the overall look of the bathroom.

    Tip 9: plants and natural elements

    Add a touch of freshness and life to your bathroom with potted plants or jars. You can also include natural elements such as stones, shells or wood to create a serene and elegant environment.

    Tip 10: Maintain the simplicity

    Avoid cluttering the space with too many decorative elements. Simplicity is key in an elegant bathroom. Choose a few highlights and let them shine on their own.

    How to distribute a bathroom according to its features?

    When distributing the bathroom layout, it is interesting to apply tips based on the specific bathroom shape and dimensions. Personal preferences should also be considered for finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The objective must always be to create an optimal layout that adapts to your space and lifestyle. Therefore, below, we analyse aspects to consider depending on the bathroom to be decorated.

    Distribution of small bathrooms

    If you want to distribute a small bathroom efficiently, take advantage of the space, first of all, choose compact elements to maximize the available space. Go for a compact washbasin, a shower rather than a bathtub and a built-in or hang toilet. These elements free up floor space and create a sense of visual spaciousness. In addition, consider using cupboards and vertical shelving to make use of the walls and provide additional storage without taking up too much space.

    Secondly, use visual tricks to get that your bathroom seems bigger. Put big mirrors on walls to reflect lights and create a space sense. Opt for soft and bright colours in walls, floors and accessories to add a sense of opening and lighting. Be also ensured of having an appropriate light combining general lighting with punctual lights in core areas. 

    Finally, delete unnecessary things and maintain the bathroom clear. Take advantage of the height space by installing shelves or closets above the walls. Consider replacing the traditional doors with sliding doors to save space at the entrance. Remember also to only maintain the necessary elements and accessories, clearing anything that is not used frequently.

    Distribution of square bathrooms

    When it comes to square bathrooms, it is essential to maximise functionality and aesthetics. Divide the space into functional zones, such as the shower/bathtub, the washbasin and the toilet, to create an organized disposition. Put the washbasin as the central point and value the installation of a double washbasin if the space allows it. Analyse also if you want to have a shower or a bathtub (or both) and put them on the corners or in different walls depending on the available space. Furthermore, do not forget to use vertical storage with shelves or closets in the walls to maintain the space clear.

    On the other hand, strategic lighting is essential in a square bathroom. Combine the general lighting with punctual lights in core areas, such as the mirror or the shower. In addition, if you want to create a sense of spaciousness, put vertical lights. To maximise the effects of light, strategically placed mirrors are the best way to reflect light and visually enlarge the space. Remember to adapt these ideas to your square bathroom's specific dimensions and features, searching for an equilibrium between functionality and aesthetics to achieve a balanced and pleasant design.

    Distribution of rectangular bathrooms

    When you deal with the distribution of a rectangular bathroom, it is essential to use the space efficiently. An effective strategy is dividing the bathroom into functional areas clearly defined. For instance, you can put the washbasin on the side, the shower or bathtub on the opposite side and the toilet on the half. This allows a logical distribution and a natural flow inside the bathroom.

    Evaluate the possibility to use furniture and bathroom accessories adaptable to the rectangular space. For instance, use a long and narrow washbasin adaptable to one of the long walls. You can also put a double washbasin and leverage the space.

    You can also install a rectangular shower cabin on the opposite wall, maximising the space in high and longness. If you have enough space, you can include a bathtub on the side and use the toilet in the middle position, leaving an open area at the other end of the bathroom for more space.

    Furthermore, leverage the walls to add vertical storage. Install floating shelves or tall closets on the walls to save toiletries and towels. This helps to maintain the bathroom organized and clear, as well as maximises the use of the available space.

    Distribution of bathrooms with washing machine

    When you distribute a bathroom with a washing machine, it is important to consider the functionality, accessibility and aesthetics. Be ensured that has enough space to put the washer in the bathroom. If the bathroom is large enough, you can set aside a specific area for the washing machine. If you have a small bathroom, assess if it is possible to include the washing bashing on a side or under the washbasin. When it comes to choosing the location, take into account the proximity of the current water connections and waste pipe to facilitate the installation. If it is possible, put the washer near a wall with sockets to connect it easily.

    It is also interesting to create a visual and acoustic distance between the washing machine and the other areas in the bathroom. In addition, use the location of the washing machine to add additional storage space. You can instal shelves or wardrobes above the washer to save cleaning products, detergent or other necessary elements for the laundry.

    At this point, from Dune, as experts in ceramics, we put our knowledge and experience at your disposal to make your bathroom the most TOP. Do we help you?

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