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Coloured washbasins for decorating bathrooms: the choice that makes all the difference

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    Increasingly, bathrooms have ceased to be a room without personality to become a space with personality. Whether in a private home or in a contract project, the bathroom is no longer a space without personality, but a place where decoration makes the difference. In this sense, if we want to achieve an impactful result, each and every one of the elements that make up the room must fulfil an aesthetic function. But without a doubt, the ones that make the difference in bathrooms are the coloured washbasins.

    As we have seen in previous posts, it is important to follow bathroom trends so that the room in question exudes harmony, sophistication and beauty. When choosing tiles for bathroom wall and floor coverings, it is not only important to focus on functionality and technical performance, but it is also key to look at design. Every season, trends in bathroom tiles lead the way to make creating this room from scratch as fruitful as possible.

    In addition, when choosing which tiles to place on the wall or floor of a bathroom, it is also important to take into account other aspects such as the size of the room in order to choose the most suitable tile format. Similarly, the decoration of the rest of the house, hotel, restaurant or entertainment venue should not be overlooked. For example, if the Mediterranean style predominates, it will be essential to opt for neutral tones, natural materials and organic fabrics. If, on the other hand, the space is dominated by futuristic style decoration, it will be important to choose tiles with volume and a palette of powerful colours.

    Likewise, and as we have indicated, the sanitaryware, and especially the washbasins, are elements that should not go unnoticed if we want to elevate the room and create a differential space. Currently, the design of curved lines, washbasins in colours that escape the traditional white and natural finishes are some of the trends that make a bathroom special. Along the same lines and in order to maintain harmony, taps and furniture must also be chosen.

    Why choose coloured washbasins for bathrooms?

    Without a doubt, colour is synonymous with emotional well-being.  There is nothing like an explosion of colour to lift your mood. For this reason, coloured washbasins are a great option to decorate a bathroom and fill it with optimism.

    Following in the wake of the Pantone colours, at Dune we have several models that can fit in perfectly with the colour trends, such as the Bowl Purple washbasin or the Manhattan Yellow washbasin. Any of them can bring a casual touch to a bathroom or be the centre of attention of the room.

    In addition, the Berlin washbasins in flamingo and mint colours perfectly represent the idea of a more relaxed and neutral design.

    How to choose the basin to decorate the bathroom?

    Therefore, and as we have indicated, the washbasin is an ornamental piece that can boost the decoration of your bathroom or, if it is not chosen correctly, it can totally ruin this room.

    Therefore, when choosing washbasins to decorate bathrooms, several aspects must be taken into account:
        - The prevailing decoration in the project so that the result maintains harmony.
        - The space available to choose the size.
        - The usability required to choose the most suitable material for the washbasin.
        - The role played by the washbasin in the bathroom to choose a more or less neutral design.

    All these aspects are fundamental to choose one washbasin or another, as it is not only important what is appealing at first sight, but also the function it has in the room.

    Coloured washbasins for bathrooms according to style or project

    Next, we would like to suggest a series of washbasins designed for and to put the icing on the cake to any decorative project.

    Magnet washbasin for contract projects

    This porcelain washbasin, hand-painted with a satin finish, is a clear reflection of craftsmanship. For this reason, its handcrafted production process guarantees the exclusivity of the piece. In this sense, it is perfect for leisure, restaurant or hotel projects. Its oval shape brings harmony to the bathroom and makes it easy to use and clean. In addition, the Magnet washbasin is available in a range of 5 colours, with matching valve, to adapt to the decoration of each space.

    Luxxu washbasin for luxury decoration

    The Luxxu washbasin is perfect for projects where glamour is the predominant note. This decorative tabletop washbasin, in black and gold, is made of porcelain with a PVD finish on the outside. For this reason, it is a delicate piece that requires special care. This piece stands out for its elegance and original design. The combination of the black interior and the gold-coloured exterior stands out thanks to the irregular rim with fine textures that interact with the light.

    Terrazo washbasin for a casual atmosphere

    For a couple of years now, terrazzo has been making a comeback in decoration and is back to stay. Synonymous with the most artisanal and urban-inspired environments, the Terrazzo basin represents the most traditional finish with a touch of colour. Thanks to the glossy finish of the stains, the design of the piece brings a certain dynamism to the environment.

    Guess washbasin for a natural inspiration

    For projects or rooms based on biophilic design, elements that emulate natural stone are perfect. In this sense, the Guess washbasin is an option that elevates bathroom design. The piece, made of natural travertine, fits perfectly in both modern and classic environments. Its bush-hammered exterior finish and smooth aged interior make the piece unique.

    Rafaela washbasin to connect with tile design

    Finally, we propose washbasins that match the tiles in order to create a cyclical decoration. As a clear example, the Rafaela washbasin, made of porcelain, recreates the pattern of the covering tiles of the same collection. On this occasion, designer Rafaela Zarinato captures the vitality and colourfulness of Brazil in ceramic pieces.

    All in all, remember that coloured washbasins are a trend and that there is always one, whatever the bathroom you want to decorate. Are you looking for advice? Tell us about your project!

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