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Decorate kitchens and bathrooms with rustic tiles    

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    The rustic style is bursting onto the interior decoration scene with a reinvented concept adapted to the latest trends. This current of interior design rescues the way of decorating from the past in which the connection with the rural environment is the dominant note. Nowadays, this decorative concept acquires modern nuances and adapts the rooms to the latest ideas in architecture. The house connects directly with the needs of those who live in it, but without ignoring the direct relationship with the countryside. In this sense, and so that craftsmanship does not lose its prominence, ceramics play a fundamental role when it comes to decorating, as there are certain tiles with a rustic character. In the following lines, we analyse the keys to designing kitchens and bathrooms with rustic tiles, without losing sight of the latest trends.

    When is a tile considered rustic?

    It is worth mentioning that ceramics classified as rustic are those that emulate the finish of stone, wood or clay. This type of ceramic achieves, through the most sophisticated techniques, a handcrafted appearance and manages to create atmospheres in which the approach to the natural environment predominates. To soften the rough appearance of rustic tiles, the ideal is to combine them with neutral colours and natural fibre materials, always seeking to create a balance.

    Rustic tiles can be used in all rooms of a house and without discrimination as flooring or cladding, as long as they comply with the corresponding technical specifications. In this sense, manufacturers design rustic tiles from natural materials such as stone or clay and give them a finish similar to that of stone. As far as colouring is concerned, rustic tiles cover the range of browns and do not lose sight of maintaining a link with the appearance of reddish earth.

    The keys to decorating with rustic tiles

    So, if you are one of those who like rustic tiles to decorate, we offer you a series of tips so that you can create a unique atmosphere.

    • Stone cladding

    Use this natural element to cover the walls of the main room and create a charming rustic living room. In addition, this material is a perfect thermal insulator: in winter it protects from the cold and in summer from the heat. Therefore, if you want a rustic style house, stone walls are a must.

    • Wood as a decorative element

    If stone is necessary to define a rustic style decoration, wood is not far behind. In this sense, trends show that wood should not be limited to furniture, but it is essential to use it as ornamentation on walls, floors and ceilings. Leaving exposed beams will bring warmth to the room.

    In this sense, Click&Floor flooring is a great option for the floor of your rustic-style home. Likewise, tiles from the Stripes series offer the appearance of wood and natural fibres and allow for optimal maintenance.

    • White as a unifying element

    Opt for white tiles to neutralise the mix of decorative elements and create a neutral atmosphere. Choosing white will bring luminosity to the room and, to fit in with the rustic style, we can think of no better option than the Tabarca Blanco tile, in its matt and gloss options, depending on how it best fits in with your home. However, you can also choose warm colours (brown, beige, honey, even yellow or orange) to add personality to functional rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. Always bearing in mind the premises of this style of interior design.

    The latest trends in rustic tiles 

    At Dune we always create new tile collections based on predictive talent. We study trends in fashion, architecture or design and translate them into ceramics. We do not lose sight of everything that governs lifestyle in order to always offer tiles that perfectly match what the most demanding users are looking for.

    Kitchens with rustic tiles

    Kitchens with rustic tiles create atmospheres that take us back to the homes of our ancestors, where family life was built around this room. To create a cosy atmosphere, in addition to the Tabarca series mentioned above, the tiles in the Agadir series have a handcrafted look with a high gloss finish. These tiles bring a refined and elegant character to the rustic décor and their colouring fits in perfectly.

    It is worth mentioning that rustic tiles can be used in the kitchen not only as flooring or cladding, but also as a decorative element for the central part of the bench or on the island.

    Rustic bathroom tiles

    If there is one thing that rustic bathrooms stand out for, it is the infinite number of possibilities they offer. Combining tiles of different shapes and laying them in a variety of ways (interlocking, linear, herringbone), provides a different style and renews the rustic interior design to which we are so accustomed. The Valencia series, with its shades and delicate and smooth finish, offers the possibility of designing a rustic bathroom with a pure trend.

    Similarly, the Saudade collection, with its hydraulic design and inspiration from Portuguese ceramics, allows you to elevate the décor of a bathroom without losing sight of the rustic style.

    Rustic tiles for patios

    Undoubtedly, the patio is a fundamental element in rustic style homes and is booming since the confinement of the pandemic. This open-air space within a home allows the essence and connection with the vegetation and the environment to be maintained.

    In this sense, the hydraulic designs with a renewed air presented by the Gaudí series and its earth tones fit in perfectly with the rustic style. The Agadir series, in its Cotto colours, is also a great option for rustic patio flooring. 

    Mosaics for rustic kitchens

    A great way to create warmth in your kitchen is by using mosaics. The handcrafted design of this type of rustic wall and floor tile is perfect for creating a timeless style. From natural stone patterns to geometric ceramic designs, mosaics add texture and character to walls and floors, creating a welcoming ambience.

    Furthermore, their durable, hard-wearing material makes them easy to clean and maintain. Which makes them a perfect choice for kitchens. Especially, considering that mosaics have great versatility, which makes them adaptable to any decorative style. Not only are they a good choice for kitchens, but they are also a good example of rustic tiles for bathrooms.

    Rustic porcelain flooring for home decoration

    Porcelain tile flooring is composed of porcelain and, unlike traditional stoneware, is more resistant and durable. This type of floor covering is used for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Porcelain tile is therefore a great choice. Moreover, thanks to innovative manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technology, all the designs you can imagine are possible.

    Thus, looking for a rustic and clay-like effect, the Terracotta series allows you to decorate any room of a house and give it the desired style.

    All in all, rustic tiles manage to mimic and transfer the stone and wood effect finishes to the decoration. Each ceramic design complements a home with elegance and style, providing the necessary warmth. So, if you are thinking of renovating your home... Don't hesitate! Go for rustic interior design.


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