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    PERLANOVA is a series designed to dress up classic spaces with a renewed air. Its delicate marble graphics, in pearl grey with purple shades and copper veins will provide a touch of distinction. Available in three finishes: polished pavement, satin pavement and shiny coating, to suit any project and make it perfect.

    The PERLANOVA tile can be combined with a large amount of decorations within the same collection, which collaborate to bring warmth to the marble and create cozy environments rich in details.

    One of our favorite decorations is SPLENDOR, an elegant Art Deco-inspired design, where grains and gold combine to create an interesting rhombus geometry.It is a sophisticated and timeless complement that can be arranged all over the wall or highlighting specific areas of the room.



    The HERMITAGE decoration combines modern geometry with minimalist simplicity, standing out for the use of subtle raw materials such as gloss or metallic effects that decorate its surface.



    BELVEDERE is a sophisticated geometric decoration in polished porcelain decorated with polished and metallic details. It can be placed on the wall or on the floor, creating carpets that highlight a specific area or the entire surface to create an impressive ambience filled with elegance.

    The MOSAICO PERLANOVA will give spaciousness to any environment with its small tesserae decorated with fine silver lines.

    Finally, we would like to highlight the role of the LISTELO PERLANOVA, a thin line extracted from the Perlanova tile and inserted in an aluminum profile, perfect for delimiting and highlighting specific areas of the wall, providing a greater richness of detail to an elegant environment.


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