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Trends in decoration and living room design

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    The living room is one of the main house rooms. Around them, daily life is organised, and it is the family meeting point. It thus has to be a place which combines perfectly commodity and style: we have to find stability between a comfortable space and the design as an important factor. Obtaining this stability is easy if you follow the trends in living room design and decoration and adapt them to your preferences and needs.

    In the living room decoration, everything influences. Each element has its value, and everything is taken care of. Not only the furniture, light, household linen or decorative elements must also fit perfectly with the room tiles. However, for a home to breathe design, we must not lose sight of the trends in decoration. Let's take a look at them!

    Porcelain marble in the decoration and living rooms design 

    Marble is a material which has always been present in interior decoration. However, its delicacy and not-so-easy maintenance turned it into a luxury piece which was only from unused spaces, where luxury was the common denominator. 

    With the passing of time and thanks to the evolution of industrial techniques, ceramics has been able to capture the beauty of marble in versatile pieces with the highest technical performance. For this reason, porcelain marble is increasingly becoming the best choice for decorating a living room, as it conveys elegance, sophistication and sobriety.

    As a result, from Dune, we have put on the market several marble collections which follow the current trends. One of the most outstanding collections is the Nusa set, aligned directly with Viva Magenta, Pantone Color 2023. In the same way, Amazonite and Black&Light Calacatta are two collections perfectly aligned with the current trends. 

    Colour and light in the living room design

    Light is essential to give the space a sense of spaciousness. Lighting allows play with the scale and dimension of rooms, which is essential to the passage of natural light or, failing this, artificial light which generates the same effect. 

    Directly connected to the light concept, colour is another element that cannot go unnoticed in decoration and living room design. Either with a decorative element, a painting, curtains or furniture, colour help to highlight the beauty of the space. In ceramics, we are committed to bathing the tiles in colour, with the main objective of creating emotions in every room. Our small-format tiles collections are a clear example of how tiles add quality to decoration. 

    Modern living rooms decorated with tiles

    When it comes to decorating modern living rooms with tiles, the trend brand 3D shapes and the play of contrasts are key. Linings with volume add an extent of space and generate visual sensations that are able to begin the living room as a unique room. Shapes collection stands out because of its ceramic texture. 

    In these tiles, angles take centre stage, along with straight and curved lines. As a result, these linings generate lights and shadows to establish a space balance. 

    Tips for enhancing small living rooms 

    To become your small living room into a wider one, we give you these tips list:

    • Take a chance at the room’s functionality with furniture with multiple purposes.
    • Boost maximumly space and light changing partitions for glass walls as a division with the living room adjacent rooms.
    • Use minimal wall-anchored furniture to avoid as less space as possible.
    • Wallpaper-effect decorated tiles add living room personality and depth. 
    • White colour ceramics add a warm and cosy touch to the living room.   
    • Choose simple lines of furniture but focus the attention on a unique decoration piece.
    • Take advantage of the decorative power of plants.

    Tile ideas for a living-dining room design

    Tiles used in decoration go beyond using them as flooring or lining. Ceramics offer different possibilities when employed for ornamental purposes. Following enumerate several options:

    • Delineate micro-spaces inside the living room itself.
    • Create a tile carpet to locate on this zone the table and living room chairs.
    • Highlight wall spaces to create a backdrop.
    • Decorate some walls, pillars or decorative arches within the living room itself.

    With all these options, it is clear that tiles are a trend when it comes to designing modern living rooms. The key is to know how to choose the design and to have enough criteria to place it in the perfect place. Do you tell us your idea?

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