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How to turn white tiles into the protagonist of a bathroom?

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    Decorating with white is an option that never goes out of fashion. This colour is a trendy classic that conveys purity and perfection. At the same time, decorating bathrooms with white ceramic tiles inspires cleanliness and opens the door to creativity at its best, since this colour offers a wide range of possibilities to be combined with other colours or materials. In addition, using white allows you to generate feelings of calm, relaxation and peace, thus creating your own space of disconnection without having to leave the house.

    Decorating a bathroom with white tiles allows you to visually enlarge the space, while combining it with another colour creates a feeling of fullness. It is essential to choose the right colour as the choice is fundamental to promote harmony in the rooms. It is worth mentioning that white is a staple in design for one simple reason: it is impossible to get tired of its appearance. So don't be surprised if you see it on the list of the most popular trends every year. This colour gives a feeling of spaciousness, brightness, peace and relaxation. 

    Moreover, white goes with everything. For this reason, white tiles are the favourite when it comes to decorating bathrooms, as they can be combined with other materials, such as wood, linen or marble, without detracting from them.

    Having said all this, we would like to offer you 4 options so that decorating bathrooms with white tiles breaks the monotony and continues to set the trend.

    Bathrooms with white tiles in different shapes

    As we have always pointed out, the format of the tile can completely change the result of the decoration. For this reason, the upward trend is that, increasingly, tiles with unique shapes are taking centre stage. In this sense, hexagon-shaped pieces are already a regular feature in spaces decorated with ceramics.

    It is also a good option to cover bathroom walls with arrow-shaped tiles. This type of tile allows you to play with the way it is laid, giving each project a unique appearance.

    Bathrooms with small white tiles

    Small format tiles are a type of ceramic pieces that are widely used in decoration. They are like the must have of any architect or interior designer and they are usually a sure hit for small spaces where it is necessary to project spaciousness.

    The small format, either square or rectangular, allows you to combine the pieces and play with their placement. In addition, this type of format is very popular for combining them based on the finish. In this way, mixing matt white bathroom tiles with gloss white bathroom tiles allows creating contrasts within the same space.

    Bathrooms with off-white tiles 

    De-toned tiles are those that offer different material effects between the different pieces of the same model and colour. Within the same series, there may be a variation of colour and design between some pieces and others, in order to create options so as not to repeat the decoration pattern. 

    In this sense, de-toned white tiles offer the architect or interior designer the possibility of having a model that has dozens of designs with different tones. In addition, this type of ceramic tile gives a more natural look to the room, while emulating handmade tiles.

    Bathrooms with white tiles with relief

    White tiles with relief are key if you want a bathroom with total prominence. This type of tile emulates the finish of wallpaper. They also offer a differentiating aspect in which the tile makes the difference.

    Bathrooms with white tiles and coloured grouting

    To complete our list of tips, we suggest you bring white bathroom tiles to life by choosing a different coloured grout to emphasise the tiling. Traditionally, bathrooms with white tiles have been grouted using the same colour, but with the evolution of trends, many professionals have opted to include colour in the grout to give the white tile a special look.


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