Art Apartments Kitchen

Converting a kitchen into an art space is possible with the appropriate pieces combination. Putting the appliances at the centre stage and enhancing the space's beauty is the key to this project, signed by SMUGA Interior Design House. As a result, a kitchen with a retro environment on every corner.

Pieces used in the project

Pictures of the project

Art Apartments Kitchen, a perfect combination between fuchsia and marble

The SMUGA Interior Design House proposes a retro inspiration kitchen in which the miscellaneous of the elements dominate the room. The exciting and remarkable thing in this project is how the interior design studio obtains that all the decorative elements in the kitchen, which are not usual in this location, have to be indissociable in the interior design.

The idea stands out for the importance given to the SMEG appliances in fuchsia, which capture all the attention in the kitchen. Next to them, a large glass cabinet in the same colour presides over the room. In addition, to match this shade, the designers have chosen a dark blue tone for the doors of the kitchen units and some decorative elements.

Decoration for non-conformists

We cannot forget the role played in the ambience by the Soul mosaic, with which the main walls of the kitchen are cladding. This elegant hexagonal mosaic combines several small marble black, grey and white pieces. In addition, to cover the floor, the choice was the (now discontinued) Arte piece, a pre-cut porcelain tile which combines hexagons in different colours. What at first sight might seem an impossible mix results in a perfect scene that projects modernity and quality in the finishes.

It is worth mentioning that this interior design responds to the tastes of the tenants, a creative couple who reject the usual decoration. They were looking for a loft in which decoration was the most important thing and, therefore, the decorators took the license to play and experiment with unusual combinations of colours and materials. The result is magnificent!

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