Terrazzo Bathroom

The architecture and interior design firm Luca Caputo has managed to create a fresh, elegant, and modern bathroom with a nod to the past thanks to reinvented terrazzo.

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Inspired by traditional terrazzo with an urban twist

This private bathroom, located in Manfredonia, Italy, features a fresh, elegant, and modern decor while still retaining echoes of the past thanks to our Terrazzo piece. The architecture and interior design studio Luca Caputo chose to use this tile for the renovation of this bathroom precisely because of its urban and colorful character.

The Terrazzo hexagon holds the emotion of the past but with a modern twist and can be used on both walls and floors. This decorative tile, in a 21.5x25cm format, is designed on a white base with colorful spots reminiscent of traditional terrazzo but giving it an urban touch.

Furthermore, some of the colored spots have a glossy finish that adds more dynamism to the piece. The result, just as Luca Caputo's office was aiming for, is a bathroom where color and freshness take center stage. A bathroom with a nod to the past thanks to terrazzo but looking towards the future.

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