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Agadir: the miscellany and richness of the zellige made tile

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    Always with the desire to offer products with their own identity to create unique spaces, we launched Agadir, a new series inspired by the miscellany of this Moroccan city, the richness of zellige and Berber crafts. These tiles are a true reflection of the natural imperfection of craftsmanship and the beauty of nature. Its aesthetic manages to connect the rooms with the purest design, offering a safe value when creating interior design projects.

    Agadir is made of porcelain with high-gloss enamels and granules that enhance the flashes of light on its surface. The collection opens a window to the richness of ceramic craftsmanship, while connecting directly with the elements of the natural environment, elevating the rooms to a higher level. The different reliefs of the pieces allow conceiving spaces with a high aesthetic sensitivity.

    Vibrant palette to create unique spaces

    In this new collection, color takes on a special role. On the one hand, Agadir is characterized by its vibrant palette, which brings us closer to nature and invites us to create countless environments in which material sensitivity is the predominant note. On the other hand, the shade variation of the pieces is also a differential characteristic. Its appearance provides transgressive beauty and allows you to design spaces in which the decoration takes on absolute prominence. As a result, the intensity and chromatic variety of its enamels bring us closer to nature, capturing the rich colors of water, fog, desert sand and vegetation.

    Thus, this range of colors allows you to create authentic environments, based on traditional inspiration. In addition, for interior designers and architects who like to take risks, Agadir's aesthetic allows for the creation of more transgressive environments, mixing tiles with polished marble or wood-effect vinyl flooring.

    Similarly, Agadir has a harmonic design in which the geometry of its pieces allows infinite combinations to be created. Without a doubt, it is a great option for developing both residential and contract projects, thanks to the versatility offered by its formats. It is worth mentioning that Agadir is available in 14.7x14.7 cm and 7x28 cm formats. As a result, this new collection invites not only to combine colors, but also formats to meet the proposals of the most demanding users.

    Tiles suitable for all types of spaces

    These tiles, designed for interiors and exteriors, can be used as an element for flooring and cladding. Agadir stands out for reinterpreting artisan ceramics, thanks to new production techniques. for its resistance and easy maintenance. They are also a great option for shower and steam areas, as well as for inside swimming pools.

    Thanks to the special Soft&Safe enamel, the matt versions of Agadir (Cotto Clato and Cotto Dark models) are suitable for outdoor floors, while combining a silky and pleasant touch with high anti-slip properties.

    It is worth mentioning that at Dune we work based on the latest trends. To create our collections, we are inspired by the most important events in fashion, such as Paris Fashion Week or Milan Fashion Week. We study shapes, textures and colors to decide what our collections will be like.

    And it is that predictive talent is our hallmark. For this reason, we not only look at the catwalks, but we also take into account the keys to architecture and interior design. In this case, natural materials and craftsmanship are the key.

    In short, if you want to decorate with ceramics and you want to connect with the purest design, without artifice, Agadir is the best option. Rediscover biophilic design and manage to create unique spaces that radiate trend.

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