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Inspiration, passion and hard work: we present all the latest news in Mexico

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    After these 2 years of pandemic, we have finally resumed the international events promoted by Dune. On this occasion, we have organised several events in Mexico where we have shared time and exchanged impressions with our customers, while presenting the new tile collections to the community of designers and architects established in this country.

    In this sense, Begonya Segura, Dune's product manager, has visited some of the most important distributors in Mexico to offer a holistic view of the new ceramic series. Explaining why these collections are born and with what objectives they are designed is essential to understand the importance of each launch. We work on the basis of design and architecture trends and we look at the creations of international fashion catwalks, with the main objective of creating products that have their own identity and define our values.

    Thus, during the training sessions, professionals from the decoration and interior design sector were able to discover the zellige and artisan inspiration of the Agadir tiles or the strength of the elements of nature embodied in the Magnet pieces. Begonya Segura also explained the special characteristics and design of the Valencia, Doria and Gaudí series and, of course, the elegance and sophistication of Baikal, Theia and Caronte.

    Events with clients, architects and designers

    During their stay in Mexico, the Dune team visited the exhibition spaces and shops of several customers to share moments with the team members. The aim, as well as getting to know proposals from the workers themselves, is to transmit the essence of the brand and, between all of us, to establish challenges so that Dune tiles continue to be unique in the ceramic market.

    In this cycle of meetings with professionals, we have shared time with the managers of Zenth, Cerámicas Exclusivas and Cerámica Universal, in Guadalajara. In addition to getting to know the product first hand, we have also listened to what customers demand the most.

    We have also been with the representatives of Arkirámica, in Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco). Begonya Segura introduced them to the new products and decorative trends for 2022. In addition, we have analysed in detail all the peculiarities of each product. Thanks to market research and the basis of predictive talent, we develop products that allow us not only to follow trends, but also to create unique and distinctive spaces.

    We could not miss our appointment with the members of the company Gilsa, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, which manages construction and remodelling projects. This distributor brings together everything needed to create memorable spaces and sharing concerns always enriches our work. Thus, the most prominent architects in the area did not miss the event and shared their main concerns with us.

    To continue the tour in Mexico, we visited the company Galo, in León, which is characterised by proposing exclusive designs under the leitmotiv of offering quality for life. This distributor, with a family tradition, stands out for offering customers functional projects with a particular touch of beauty and harmony through the finishes. There, we also met with interior designers who are loyal to the brand and create projects with their own name.
    Finally, the last stop was at HRC Acabados, a distributor located in Ciudad Juárez. Together with the architects and interior designers of the area, we discovered all the peculiarities of the new collections and shared experiences that will serve to create inspiration in the future.

    After this trip, we can only say that it has been a real pleasure to travel around the country with the Dune Mexico team, presenting the new collections and talking again about what we are most passionate about: ceramic design as a means to make people's lives more beautiful. We keep on working!



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