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All you need to know for reforming your kitchen

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    One of the rooms in a house more used is the kitchen. Thus, over the years, it needs a change. Either because of the wear, aesthetic or being bored of always looking the same, reforming a kitchen is a key task in interior design. However, it can be an enthusiastic project but also overwhelming if the appropriate steps are not followed.

    It is therefore important to take into account different aspects before starting the renovation to be sure that the final result will be functional, aesthetic and safe. It is not only important to know the design and distribution of the elements, but also to take into account their functionality, ventilation and lighting and to choose the right materials. At Dune, as experts in interior design, we are clear about this. So, if you want to know all the necessary tips and the latest trends to reform your kitchen, read on.

    Why reform my kitchen? 

    The kitchen is one of the principal spaces of life in the home. This makes people want to reform it once in a while because when this space is used a lot, the wear and tear and the feeling of always seeing the same thing comes sooner. Nevertheless, these are not the unique reasons why people want to reform a kitchen. Here, we present you other of the most common reasons:

    • Increase the value of the property: in case of wanting to sell a property in the future, one of the aspects that can increase its value, without a doubt, is the kitchen. A modern kitchen can be a key factor for potential buyers. 
    • Improving functionality: kitchens are essential spaces in any home. Therefore, it is a key task to make them functional and practical spaces that facilitate coexistence in their daily use. Therefore, a new kitchen is not the same as a kitchen in that you know its functionality and you know what you are going to need to make it more comfortable. Refurbishing the kitchen helps to increase storage space, improve lighting and ventilation and improve the layout.
    • Update the aesthetics: just because something is functional does not mean that it cannot also be aesthetically pleasing. Trends change every year, thus, the style in a kitchen can go out of style over the years. A reform helps to keep this essence of modernity changing materials, paintings and accessories. With easy changes, the aspect of a kitchen can be transformed completely.
    • Save energy: caring for the environment is each time more important, and the household appliance creators know it. That is why every year appears news that saves more energy and has more efficient systems in illumination and ventilation. This not only helps to contribute to the ecosystem, but also reduces the long-term costs of energy. 

    How long does a complete kitchen reform take?

    When it comes to doing a reform, the most common thing is thinking about the inconveniences that it can cause and the time it will take. The truth is that the time for reforming a kitchen will depend on the size of the room and the type of changes that you want to do. Nevertheless, on some occasions, the inconveniences cannot be minimised.

    Nevertheless, we can estimate that, in general, the time it takes to complete a kitchen renovation varies between five and six weeks. This period could be reduced or extended up to twice as long, depending on the structural changes that the kitchen renovation entails.

    To spend the minimum time possible, from Dune we recommend you take into account a detailed plan before starting a project. In other words, the person in charge of the work has to make clear to you beforehand the design, the materials to be used, the budget and the number of professionals who will form part of the renovation team. This organization will help you to avoid delays and prevent them from being used for longer than foreseen.

    Furthermore, we have to mention that it is not the same as a kitchen integral reform as changing furniture or appliance, making a new floor or wall coating or doing a new modification in the electrical installation or plumbing. Each task takes time. That is why it is key to be clear about what you want to change in the renovation to determine the time it will take.

    Steps to reform a kitchen 

    Having clear steps to follow can be guaranteed the efficiency of the project. In this sense, if you opt for a complete reform in your kitchen: the process to follow will be the following one:

    1. Plan the project: before starting your reform, it is essential to identify the needs that lead you to make this investment, look for a professional to advise you and offer you a budget and suitable materials. You must not forget to draw up a works contract and apply for the relevant permits.
    2. Dismantling: the second step is to dismantle all the household appliances and the old surfaces to make way for the new ones.
    3. Renovate the electrical installations and plumbing: before installing new fixtures and coatings, we must make sure that there are no breakdowns in our kitchen. To do this, the best option is to update the installations and ensure their durability. Pipes, sockets and the extractor hood are the main elements to be changed.
    4. Construction: the fourth step is to coat the kitchen walls and floor. The best option is to opt for ceramic tiles and laminate floors, because of their easy installation and cleaning. In addition, as it is such a busy room, it is important to use resistant materials that are easy to clean and maintain.
    5. Assembly: finally, it is time to install all the appliances, worktops, sinks and decorative elements. This step is crucial because we have to be sure that everything fits perfectly and has the correct sealing. These corrections are key to being sure that the new kitchen is ready.

    For the change to be a success, remember that having a reliable team is crucial for the process of your kitchen renovation to run smoothly and effectively.

    Ideas to reform your kitchen

    There are a lot of creative ideas to give a new aspect to your kitchen in an easy and fast way. Read on to inspire you and discover all the ideas to reform a kitchen that we purpose to you.

    Add a kitchen island

    One of the last trends in kitchen design is the installation of kitchen islands. With them, we not only improve the functionality of this room, but we also gain storage space and make it a new place where you can socialise with your family and friends.

    The kitchen islands have more and more presence in modern and functional kitchens because they contribute efficiency and commodity. In these, we cannot only install the oven, the ceramic stove, sink or storage cabinets, but you can also use them as breakfast spaces or even a workspace.

    Give colour to the furniture

    If the distribution of your kitchen satisfies you, and your idea is not realising any big change, modifying the furniture will give a new aesthetic and appearance to this room. Whether lining with vinyl or painting them, the change is sure.

    One of the best forms to risk and give light to the reform of your kitchen is to opt for vibrant-colour furniture and daring ones such as red, yellow or green. These tones combined with the more classic white will give light to your kitchen and a modern style.

    Coat the walls and floors of your kitchen 

    The choice of a good covering is everything when it comes to giving personality to a room, and the kitchen is no exception. Therefore, if you want to give your kitchen a new style, a good way to do it is to cover it with tiles. Your kitchen will look like another place.

    Furthermore, depending on the style you want to give it, you can opt for: 

    • Vinyl with wood appearance floor:  it provides rusticity and is cosy to any room. The pieces of our collection Click&Floor are ideals for a new reform. Its high-quality and easy collocation makes it perfect for kitchen flooring.
    • Marble pieces: if you want to provide elegance and sophistication to your kitchen, marble will be your best option. Porcelain with marble-effect finishing tiles brings beauty and practicality, as well as offers high performance.
    • Tiles with some special finishing: if you want to opt for the most traditional designs or for the modern ones, tiles with some special finishing are your ally. Pieces with special drawings are perfect to bring style and originality to your kitchen. So, any tile from our line Soft&Safe is ideal to reform your kitchen. 
    • Combining tiles in vibrant colours: if you are looking to give your kitchen a modern and light look, colour is everything. As well as the option of using colourful furniture, the combination of tiles can also help you to achieve the change you want.

    Change household appliances

    Over the years, a household appliance can wear out and become obsolete. Therefore, modernising them for the most modern and efficient models can help you to improve the functionality of your kitchen and give it the most actual appearance.

    Furthermore, new appliances have more functions and intelligent use, which means they consume less energy. No doubt investing in new appliances adds benefits to your kitchen.

    Change the distribution of your kitchen 

    Last but not least, a cheaper idea to give a new life to your kitchen is to change the distribution of the furniture. Only by changing the elements as the fridge, the microwave, seasonings, the table or the decoration of the venue, you will achieve to give a different touch to this room.

    It is in your hands to opt only for one of these ideas to reform your kitchen that we present to you or combine them. That’s your choice!

    How much does it cost to reform a kitchen? 

    As in any other reform, the price will depend on what is to be changed and the trades involved. It will also depend on whether the entire renovation is contracted with a specialised company that brings together all the tasks or whether each company that has to intervene is sought independently. Furthermore, depending on the size, the level of renovation, the workmanship and the quality of the materials, the price may be one or the other.

    The most important thing is to do a prior assessment and affirm the maximum quantity that you are willing to invest in your kitchen renovation. As we pointed out at the beginning, a complete renovation is not the same as a partial renovation. Therefore, by making clear the objective of the change and the budget before starting the renovation, it will be easier to ensure that the project meets the expected expectations and, above all, you will avoid economic surprises.

    With all these things, if you have in mind realising a reform in your kitchen, follow the previous steps and take the ideas that you have liked. Moreover, do not forget how are your priorities and mark your decorative style. Go for it!

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