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    Frank Philip Stella was born in Massachusetts in 1936. He earned his degree in history from Princeton University and, after that, he moved to New York in 1958, where he developed his artistic talents. In 1959, Frank Stella gained early, immediate recognition with his series of coolly impersonal black striped paintings that turned the gestural brushwork and existential angst of Abstract Expressionism on its head.

    Focusing on the formal elements of art-making, Stella went on to create increasingly complicated work that seemed to follow a natural progression of dynamism, tactility, and scale. The distribution of his work in series brings clarity to the understanding of a work which, without abandoning the role of colour as a starting point in research on the forms and structures and because of its decorative value, gradually incorporates new elements, materials and techniques (wood, metal, printmaking, collage).

    In one of its series introduces, along the straight angle and on the diagonal, circular arcs and segments of circles. Going one step further, in other series illustrates how colour contrasts assume a dual role: uniting and separating the reliefs at the same time. The development and use of this pictorial grammar highlights his commitment to strip the painting of its symbolic value.

    Frank stella

    stella coral inspiration

    Stella is a set of hydraulic designs, where the terrazzo acquires relevance. The use of colors, although more pastel, and the diversity of shapes reminds of the works of Frank Stella, where the geometrical forms are traced with precision and with perfect finishes. Includes serigraphy with sparkle glitter. Available in coral tones and a version in blue.

    stella mar, Minimal chic collection

    stella coral, Minimal chic collection

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