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Terrazzo flooring, a trend that still being in the limelight

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    Terrazzo was a strong resurgence and is here to stay. What started as a nod to eighties trends has turned into essential decoration projects. From Dune, as experts in ceramics, we want to approach the current use of terrazzo floors and give you ideas to create a unique space, always following the current trends.  Follow the following lines in detail!

    What is terrazzo?

    If we talk about terrazzo, we cannot forget that, for decades, it was the role model of flooring in house building. Its competitive price, technical benefits and colour varieties made terrazzo floors the best option for interior design projects. 

    This cement-based product, with little pigments and marble-small pieces, generates an aesthetic appearance which makes every piece unique and unrepeatable. After a time in oblivion in which this type of material reviled, terrazzo is back with a vengeance and, not only as a trend but as a perfect option for creating unique environments.

    Which is the terrazzo origin?

    Before entering into the different terrazzo possibilities as a decorative element, it is vital to know its origin. Terrazzo is a construction material dating from the XVth Century, and it started to be used in Venice to make profits from the pieces of marble floor used. 

    We have to take into account the word terrazzo originates from the Italian word “Terrazza”, and, initially, these floorings used to pave terraces went around the builders of the constructions houses.

    Initially, the terrazzo floor consisted just of a clay base on which marble pebbles and cobbles were poured. Subsequently, these pebbles were polished to create a most comforting flooring. At least discovered that withdrawing goat milk, even after drying, the flooring appearance got marble similar. As we know it nowadays, terrazzo flooring is generally composed of tiny marble pieces and white cement. A polish is applied to these pieces to issue a slim ending of the surface.

    Terrazzo features

    • Easy clean: clean a terrazzo floor enough using water and neutral soap. You do not need any more. Thanks to its composition and features, its cleanness is easy.
    • Resistance and hardness: no matter how much time passes, if the maintenance of the terrazzo floor is done correctly, the tiles will be as good as the first day. Its composition and hardness allow the durability of this type of flooring.
    • Elegant aspect: thanks to the small marble inlays and polished effect, terrazzo flooring is very elegant, and sophistication to all the rooms is taken. 
    • Sustainability: terrazzo floors made with glass, marble, stone or porcelain pieces are leftovers used in construction. Therefore, there is a process of recycling and use of material which, without this use, it would be lost. Its use reduces the impact on the environment by generating less waste.

    Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor terrazzo flooring?

    When it comes to differentiating interior terrazzo floor and exterior, we have to take into account the thickness of the pieces. This feature determines if a tile is suitable to support more or fewer people traffic because of its intensity and the number of people who flow would be able to concern the worn floor. The materials composition and the plan format will also be other variables to take into account.

    So, generally speaking, an exterior terrazzo floor will have more thickness than an interior terrazzo floor because of understanding exterior spaces as spaces subject to atmospheric conditions and with more flow of people. That is why, yes. There are differences between terrazzo interior and exterior floors. 

    Where can terrazzo be used?

    In Dune, we think that the terrazzo flooring uses are infinite. Since a living room and bathroom, without forgetting a kitchen or a terrace. We don’t have any doubt that terrazzo flooring is suitable for all the rooms in a home! The most important thing is to be clear about the style we want to bring into a home and decide in which room we want to use a terrazzo floor. 

    However, with the ceramic techniques development and industrial technologies used, ceramics allows terrazzo creation effect tiles and get pieces with the desired end and, with high technical benefits, not only to the flooring but also lining.

    Inspiration: Decoration ideas with terrazzo

    Since Dune, we want to offer you some ideas to introduce terrazzo in your decoration projects or your new home. It is also a great option for entertainment venues or stores.

    Our Chicago collection features the Terrazo model, a hexagonal tile that emulates this material. This piece is designed on a white base with coloured spots remembering the traditional terrazzo. This decorated tile uses the collection colours to create a tile-inspired terrazzo but with an urban and colourful touch. Some spots also have a brilliant finish bringing more dynamism to the piece.

    We also have a washbasin from the same series to put the finishing touch on the decoration. The Terrazo washbasin has a smooth finish and a silky touch that gives it a unique appearance. A unique proposal!

    What can we combine terrazzo with?

    Thanks to its versatility, terrazzo can be combined with other materials to create unique spaces.

    • Terrazzo flooring and wood: this fusion brings a balance between rustic and modern thanks to the elegant properties of terrazzo combined with the warmth of wood. One option could be to clad the floor in terrazzo and the walls in wood, or we can also add elements made of this material.
    • Terrazzo and stainless steel: the contrast between the durability and visual appearance of these two elements makes them a perfect match. Thanks to the polished appearance of the steel with the texture of the old terrazzo floor, we can achieve the most original results.
    • Terrazzo and glass: this combination is perfect for creating spaces with light and a feeling of spaciousness. Thanks to the shine of glass and the colourfulness of traditional terrazzo, a balance between robustness and delicacy is achieved. A timeless style.
    • Terrazzo flooring and porcelain tiles: one of the most popular combinations at the moment is the combination of porcelain and terrazzo. Thanks to the colourfulness and durability of both materials, surprising results can be achieved. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

    As you can see, the terrazzo is back to stay. Floors, walls, countertops, accessories... It doesn't matter! Terrazzo offers endless possibilities to adapt to the style of any home.

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