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Get inspired by these tile ideas for kitchens

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    If there is any room in the house where tiles are king, it is the kitchen. Undoubtedly, the traffic and the use given to this space make ceramic wall and floor tiles the great allies to guarantee durability. In this sense, at Dune we create tiles that perfectly combine design and high technical performance. For this reason, and with the main objective of being an inspiration for you, we give you the best ideas of tiles for kitchens. Pure trend!

    In the following lines, we are going to describe the latest trends in tiles for kitchens, thinking about different interior design options for this room. The common denominator between the different decorative styles will always be to offer tiles that stand out for their design. In addition, it is also important to choose the right kitchen floor, respecting the needs of the room. So, here are some TOP ideas for redecorating your kitchen with style.

    Tiles for white kitchens, the big protagonists

    When designing a kitchen, many people look for the premise that it should be timeless and not go out of fashion as the years go by. In this sense, white kitchens are the great allies to make this space look the same as the first day. This neutral colour brings brightness to the room, while making it a trendy space.

    The latest insights in decoration define marble as the most desired material to achieve a magazine kitchen. This type of flooring and cladding adds sophistication and elevates rooms to another level. Likewise, thanks to the new digital techniques that exist in the ceramic sector, it is possible to create tiles with a marble effect finish, whose appearance emulates that of this material and which can be used intensively without damaging its appearance.

    As a clear example, the Calacatta collection proposes a white marble with greyish veins that will make any space an elegant and captivating environment.

    Hydraulic floors to decorate your kitchen

    Another option for decorating the kitchen, which is becoming increasingly popular, is hydraulic tile flooring. This type of tile stands out for its geometric designs and repetitive patterns, which come to life thanks to the colours. This type of patterned tiles are usually combined with smooth bases so as not to overload the environment.

    Collections such as Gaudí or Saudade are perfect for decorating the kitchen with hydraulic floors. These series reinvent the traditional design and have a varied palette of colours.

    Tiles for rustic kitchens and modern kitchens 

    There are two styles of interior decoration that are popular and stand out for being complete opposites. The rustic style and the modern style have very marked characteristics and the choice of tiles is key to create a perfect atmosphere.

    Tile ideas to decorate a rustic kitchen

    To decorate a rustic kitchen, the perfect tiles have a handmade finish. In terms of colour, neutrals, browns, greens and reddish tones are the most popular. The key to achieving a rustic look is to achieve a connection with the natural environment.

    Therefore, series such as Agadir, Tabarca or Terracotta are a good option to create a rustic kitchen.

    Tile ideas for decorating a modern kitchen 

    On the other hand, to decorate a modern kitchen, the aim is to create an effect of impact and play with lights to create spaciousness. It is also important to play with shapes and achieve a metallic effect finish to make the room look like it is from the future.

    As a clear example, we have the Stripes series, tiles with geometric reliefs and a sparkling finish. Their shape allows the light to radiate, creating sparkles.

    Tiles for small kitchens

    If you have a small kitchen, any tile can be valid as the key is to know how to place it and combine it with the rest of the elements in the room. So, if you want to gain height, we recommend covering the wall with small tiles in vertical or herringbone format.

    Regarding the floor, a trick to create an infinite pavement is to blur the joint with the colour of the tile. In the same way, rectified tiles, with which the joint has to be minimal, create the effect of amplitude as it seems that the floor is a single piece.

    Mosaics and hexagonal tiles, decorative styles for kitchens

    To complete the list of proposals for decorating kitchens with ceramics, we cannot overlook mosaics and hexagonal tiles.

    On the one hand, mosaics, with their multitude of small tesserae, offer infinite possibilities for decorating a kitchen. From covering the front of the room to a complete wall or creating small highlights in the kitchen, mosaics are a trendy option.

    On the other hand, hexagonal tiles are here to stay and in the kitchen they help to create a trendy decoration. They can be used as flooring or cladding, combined with paint or decorative paper or placed throughout the room. Their geometric shape allows you to play with design and creativity.

    Tiles for restaurant kitchens

    Kitchens are not only relevant in the home but also in the leisure sector. The floors of restaurants, bars and cafeterias are some of the busiest throughout the day, so investing in a quality material that is resistant to the passage of time is key. Restaurant kitchens, as well as offering delicious dishes, must also be aesthetically pleasing.

    For this reason, not all kitchen tiles are suitable for a restaurant. The best options for covering it are ceramic floors, for their resistance; vinyl, for their functionality and aesthetics; microcements, for their visual impact; and rectified porcelain tiles, as in the case of the La Torreta project, for their hardness and porosity.

    What do you think of these kitchen tile ideas? We'll advise you if you don't know which one to choose! 

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