Interviewing an interior designer: Svetlana Isaeva

AUTHOR: DUNE · DATE: 18 July 2018 · CATEGORY: News

Interviewing an interior designer: Svetlana Isaeva

1) When and why did you decide to become an interior designer?

In 1995, this profession was not in Krasnodar, I studied as a “painter – decorator”. I was very fond of drawing, but I did not want to become a drawing teacher. Therefore, I started studying painting, and after a while, it became interior design.

2) What does it to take to be a good interior designer?

Talent, good taste, specific education, knowledge of psychology, ability to communicate with people, great patience, respect for the client, love for their work, experience and constant expansion of their knowledge and self-education.

3) Which are your influences and inspirations?

Architecture and interiors of the past, nature

4) Could you give us some tips to take into account when decorating a house?

Imagine the entire stay and do not look at the pieces separately. Remember that everything you choose, will be in the same environment.

5) What style (in interiors) is the trend right now in Ukraine?

Classic, but now it is changing

6)How important is decoration for Ukrainian people?

It is very important for most Russians. Their house is very relevant and they want to see a beautiful, cosy and comfortable space.

bathroom with dune design

7)How important are tiles in decoration for you?

Important as everything else. But the choice of mosaics should be approached in a particularly responsible way since it is not as easy to change it as a painting or an armchair.

8)What characteristic should a ceramic tile have to cause interest to work
with it from the designers?

Versatile and variable. So, depending on the use and the combination of this with the additional decoration, you could get completely different results.

9)Have you ever used Dune materials for your projects?

Yes, I do. I love GLASS MIRROR mosaic, it perfectly solves the problems of low ceilings or columns that you want to hide. There are also other vivid and complex mosaics that allow you to create the desired effect and emphasize.

bathroom with dune ddesigns