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Magnet: the power of natural elements embodied in ceramics

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    From Dune, we continue investigating trends and creating a new product to meet the most demanding users' expectations. Thus, we present Magnet, the new tiles collection that pays the metal beauty tribute. Therefore, to create this new collection, we have focused all our attention on nature and industrial style, achieving a perfect miscellaneous. Along with Agadir, they are the most significant innovations in 2022.

    As a result of the four natural elements with the most advanced ceramics techniques fusion, this new collection emerges, highlighting the decorative pieces' sophistication. Likewise, the elegant lapatto finishing humanises the highlighted industrial style nature.

    Colours with strong symbolism

    Magnet highlights because of its colouring. The tones palette brings the fire, water, ground and air power directly with the most natural landscapes. We must consider that the Magnet colour variation reflects an equilibrate fusion between the natural world and the industrial style.

    The Cooper and Gold colours have inspiration from fire and ground, while Petrol and Mint tones have their inspiration from water. To complete it, the representative colour of air creates the Frozen, Argent and Silver colours. Thus, the organic touch of the collection invites design rooms where the graphical richness is the decorative resource that focus all the attention. Contract spaces or retail spaces found in Magnet are the perfect allies to mark the difference.

    Formats to create complete spaces

    In Dune, we always conceive the ceramics decoration as a whole. And this is the reason why our collections offer all types of formats. Thus, it is possible to create an environment that maintains the same aesthetics and, at the same time, embraces style.

    This collection has its creation in porcelain and presents three different formats. The first one is 60×120 cm with a lappato ending and the metal plate aesthetic, which semi-glossy surface makes it a perfect look for cosmopolitan rooms.

    We always have the 20×20 format with a Soft&Safe matt ending that offers a silky touch with high non-slip benefits. To complete the Magnet collection, we take into account the 15×17 cm format that highlights because of its original hexagonal form. 

    Decorated ceramics for different projects

    The icing on the cake to increase the Magnet's beauty is its complements from small decorated with vegetation hexagons to the sophisticated tiles metal vapour plate. Gold and silver colours are available, and the lush tropical in gold and silver tones are hexagons. All these things are the perfect partners for interior design lovers who look for unique projects.

    Magnet is conceived as a 360º series, which is why it has five porcelain washbasins that faithfully reproduce the finishes of the ceramic pieces. Made entirely by hand, they present the variations inherent to manual work, where each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

    These tiles, which are adaptable to interior and exterior spaces, can be used as paving and coating. Its high technical benefits lend it a high resistance. Furthermore, its composition ensures easy maintenance. It is important to mention that 20×20 formats and the hexagon are ideal options for shower and steam spaces, as well as the pool's interior where the small-format piece with this chromatic palette use is a real fashion trend. Do you dare to create a unique atmosphere? 

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