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Pietrasanta, a tribute to the genuine Cardoso stone

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    Tradition and history blend to create the new Pietrasanta collection, inspired by the genuine Cardoso stone. The Pietrasanta tiles reflect the beauty of this beautiful town of Tuscany, the Versilia's historic capital and its quarry, located at the foot of the Apuan Alps, produces a very intense grey stone with unique and unrepeatable shades. Due to its richness and versatility, the Cardoso stone is an ideal material for outdoor and indoor spaces. Its characteristical dark grey base, rich in colour and texture, simulates the ash aspects, thanks to its soft white grains. Therefore, this ancient limestone adapts to different environments and combines perfectly with other materials and finishings. 

    Cardoso seems to be the talent to talk in many languages: the traditional one, when given a brushed finish; the spacious spaces one, when put in blocks; the minimal one, when shone to express the essential things excellently... A compact and solid structure that became the ideal suit to use in different types of projects. The richness of this tiles collection is, undoubtedly, its graphic and chromatic variety, produced by a careful selection of Cardoso stone blocks with very different tonalities and grains. It is important to mention that this tile simulates the beauty of the original stone, very similar because of its aesthetic features and its resistance. 

    Natural stone effect tiles for 360º projects.

    Thus, Pietrasanta is a very versatile series. Available in three colors, the new collection is capable of integrating into any type of project, whether it is a classic decorative style or a more transgressive interior design. The Dark Grey color emulates natural Cardoso stone, with its traditional grayish color, bluish hues and its representative varied texture. This color presents a very strong de-toning as it remains faithful to the variations of the original stone. The Light Grey color is a much more homogeneous and serene version, while the Ivory tone presents a warm and soft coloring, without losing the originality of the veins.

    Fascinated by the visual and tactile dimension of this stone, Pietrasanta is a proposal for the most demanding professionals. Its Dark Grey version reflects the original appearance of this rough-textured stone with a characteristic greyish colour bathed in bluish hues. From it, we developed two softer versions, Ivory and Light Grey. Both have a more homogeneous and refined colour without renouncing the originality and personality of their veins.

    The new collection is capable to integrate into any architectural project, public or private, thanks to its natural texture and the versatility of its design. Furthermore, the durability of this material is its distinctive tone: weather, heat and humidity resistant, being a long-term inversion. 

    In&Out Tiles

    Pietrasanta has two finishings to provide solutions not only to the classical and calm interior design but also to people who search for practical options and more contemporaneous aspects. Thus, the matt polish finish, which remember us of the eroded church stones because of the passage of time, is idoneous to refined and elegant interior designs. On the other hand, the matt version, with its non-slip R11 finishing with a soft texture, is a more practical option for humidity and outdoor zones. 

    Pietrasanta invites you to play with combinations of formats and finishes. Thus, the 90x90 and 45x90 can be mixed as a multiformat or used individually. The 7x28 is ideal for highlighting certain areas of the floor and wall or for covering smaller spaces. In addition, the series has two special pieces, a skirting board and a technical step, to complete the design of the projects.

    This new series is an integral In&Out solution for projects conceived with a uniform style. Pietrasanta offers the possibility of cladding from the façade, terrace or outdoor leisure areas, such as swimming pools or barbecues, to any interior room, with its specific areas such as fireplaces, worktops or stairs.

    At Dune, we design with an eye on trends in fashion, architecture, design and art, and so we add our ideas to the possibilities offered by the most advanced ceramic technology. We work to turn ideas into tiles that illuminate the author's projects.

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