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Decoration in white: purity and order brought to the highest level

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    White is the colour par excellence. This colour is universal and its neutrality adds sensations. In decoration, white manages to create a style in which calm and purity are the predominant notes. This colour is one of the most commonly used in any room in the house, as its choice is a sure hit, it never goes out of fashion and fits in with the vast majority of decorative styles. Do you want to know the keys to decorating in white? Read on and don't miss this analysis in which trends, design, art, culture, architecture and psychology are put at the service of interior design.

    The meaning of the colour white

    White is one of the most commonly used shades. Choosing this colour is marked by what it represents and what it projects. Concepts such as peace, cleanliness, purity and neatness are, according to experts, the first things that come to mind when the colour white is mentioned. Similarly, this shade conveys harmony, stability and balance.

    The nuances of white in design

    It should not be forgotten that within the colour white, despite being the neutral colour par excellence, there are a series of nuances that give rise to the chromatic range of the tone. The Pantone Color Institute, an institution recognised worldwide as the main source of information on colour, tackles challenges to meet the needs of the most demanding users. And white could not be less because they consider colour to be a crucial element in the design process.

    In this sense, by mixing white with light tones, we obtain what is known as off-white, a colour that is not 100% pure. This colour conveys elegance, thanks to its slightly warm nuance.

    In the same way, when mixed with warm shades, we would obtain an off-white tone, while if it is combined with cold tones, the result is a greyish white. These combinations allow us to create a wide palette of white tones that are far from absolute purity.

    The colour white in interior decoration

    Undoubtedly, in decoration, the colour white is synonymous with luminosity and elegance. On the one hand, this colour brings light into spaces, regardless of the size of the room. It also duplicates the effect that natural light has on rooms.

    On the other hand, and as we pointed out earlier, the colour white in decoration brings elegance. Thanks to the cleanliness and neatness it transmits, the colour white radiates an aura that few other colours can achieve. Its neutral style allows it to give prominence to all the elements that come into play in the decoration: paint, furniture, lighting, flooring, wall coverings, decorative elements...

    The colour white and its importance in the Nordic style

    Of course, if there is a decorative style in which white predominates, it is the Nordic style. Inspired by the landscapes of Denmark, Finland and Norway, this type of interior design perfectly combines wood and the colour white with the use of practical and functional elements when furnishing a home.

    Light and neutral colours are the great allies to create rooms that project a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, the colour white plays a leading role in the Nordic style. From floors, walls and furniture to textiles and decorative elements, everything is white.

    The colour white and its importance in minimalism

    The colour white in decoration multiplies simplicity, which is why it is fundamental in minimalist decoration. This type of interior design stands out for its clean lines and a monochromatic palette in which white predominates and colour is used to add a touch of personality.

    The minimalist style gives importance to open rooms, with lots of light. The furniture used is functional so that it can be used at different times. In addition, minimalism promotes naturalness in both shapes and colours.

    The colour white and its importance in feng shui

    If there is any type of decoration that white influences, it is feng shui. In this interior design, derived from the ancient philosophical system that came from China, the theory on the occupation of space and the distribution of energies is established. With this, the aim is to achieve full harmony in space and to offer a space full of energy.

    This type of style focuses on natural light, order and cleanliness and, for this reason, the colour white is one of the great allies of feng shui style decoration.

    How to use white decoration?

    When it comes to decorating, white is the most versatile colour that exists. It adds and adds value no matter what colour you combine it with, and at the same time it has authority if it is used in a unique and exclusive way. Thanks to its properties, it combines with the rest of the colour ranges.

    The keys to using white in decoration can be found in its luminosity, balance and harmony. White adds spaciousness and enhances spaces, creating a feeling of openness.

    Thanks to its neutrality, white fits in any room of the house. Bathrooms with white tiles, kitchens with white furniture and tiles, bedrooms with white decoration, modern style living rooms with white walls... Everything you can imagine is possible!

    Tips for decorating in white

    If you are a lover of white, here are some tips to help you create a decoration in white that will leave no one indifferent:

      • Use the lighting strategically and do not abuse it, as the colour white enhances it.
      • Combine white with wood to create warm atmospheres.
      • To break with the coldness that white can project, choose a touch of colour on walls or decorative elements.
      • Choose natural fibres for fabrics and household linen, as they combine perfectly and enhance the colour white.

    White tiles for decorating your house

    At this point, it is clear that the colour white is perfect for interior decoration. White tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms ensure that the interior design of a room will be timeless and will not go out of fashion.

    At Dune, as experts in ceramics, we are clearly committed to small-format white tiles (Tabarca, Altea or Flat), which can be perfectly combined with marble-effect tiles (Light Calacatta, Selene Light or Calacatta Superwhite) or vinyl wood floors. The key is to enhance a room and find the right balance.

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    Ideas for decorating a kitchen with white tiles

    Here is a list of ideas for using white tiles in the decoration of your kitchen:

        • On the front wall of the kitchen, in the area where the worktop is located and always looking for contrast.
        • On the floor, under the sink, as a carpet and combined with hydraulic tiles.
        • In the storage area to create differentiated spaces.

    Ideas for decorating a bathroom with white tiles

    Now it is the turn of the bathrooms. White tiles can be a playful addition or they can turn a space into a neutral one. It all depends on how they are used. Here are a few ideas:

          • On the shower wall, to differentiate that area from the rest.
          • In the shower itself, in order to generate an effect of continuity throughout the room.
          • In the washbasin space, making the vanity area stand out.

    White in architecture

    Architecture is also a great exponent of the perfect use of the colour white. From beachfront constructions in the Mediterranean to the most avant-garde buildings, white is a colour with a guaranteed success. The keys are that it never goes out of fashion and that it blends in perfectly with the landscape.

    The colour white in architecture is a widely used resource to enhance shapes and create volumes, both in building structures and in the distribution of rooms. In the words of Richard Meier, an American architect who has been awarded, among others, the Pritzker Prize and the Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects, the colour white is equivalent to keeping the architectural concept pure and perceptible. In this sense, white symbolises the absence of ornamentation, absolute neutrality. 

    Meier is a clear example of the use of the colour white and order in architecture. His rational use of geometry generates clarity in constructions, thanks to his exquisite use of lighting. This architect uses the colour white as the maximum exponent and guiding thread of all his work. Buildings such as the Macba in Barcelona and the Plaça del Àngels in Barcelona are clear examples of his work.

    On the other hand, the artist César Manrique is also a clear exponent of white in architecture. His style defines a perfect symbiosis between nature, architecture and art. The architect from Lanzarote was committed to creating homes in which the individual felt free. 

    His maxim was always to promote the high landscape and artistic value of the natural environment and, undoubtedly, his design was marked by the colour white. Therefore, and after his death, the César Manrique Foundation, whose headquarters is his former home, spreads the environmental, artistic and cultural values of the architect.

    The colour white in fashion

    Since ancient civilisations, the colour white has symbolised high status. White clothes are difficult to keep clean, so only the upper classes could afford to wear them properly. Similarly, in Victorian times, white clothing symbolised high purchasing power and was combined with a wide range of embellishments and frills.

    However, if there is one culture that stands out for its use of white, it is the Japanese. In this land, the colour white represents a duality. On the one hand, white symbolises the purity of the soul and, on the other hand, and unlike in the West, white represents mourning for the death of a loved one.

    The colour white is also fundamental in bridal fashion. Traditionally, brides have always dressed in white, symbolising purity. Not only that, but in wedding ceremonies there is an unwritten rule that only the bride can wear white.

    White on the catwalks

    On the international catwalks in Paris, Milan or New York there is never a lack of white. This colour never goes out of fashion and is always on trend. That's why the most important designers use it in their fashion shows, not only as a design element but also as a common thread.

    It is worth remembering the chromatic duality represented by Dior. The brand displayed a gigantic chessboard and on its two-coloured squares, the models paraded with garments in which black and white blended perfectly. But it was not the only brand that opted for these shades. Prada, Givenchy and Pierre Cardin also did the same.

    The psychology of the colour white

    In addition to the previous concepts and always with the intention of offering a global vision to promote decoration in white, in the field of psychology there have been many theorists who have studied the effect of colours and the main conclusions they have reached is that white inspires innocence and invites reflection. 

    In addition, the colour white connects with feelings of growth and fairness while projecting openness. It is worth mentioning that experts point out that the colour white is conducive to creativity and artistic creation.

    White is the king of colour and it is somewhat curious that this universal shade is characterised by an "absence" of colour, while being the combination of the entire colour spectrum.

    This colour stands out for the positive aspects it represents:

        • Peace
        • Purity
        • Neatness
        • Order
        • Innocence
        • Calm

    However, its excessive use can create negative connotations, as experts point out. Concepts such as desolation, loneliness or lack of energy can emerge if the colour white is used in an uncontrolled manner.

    In short, white is always the right choice. Neutrality in its purest state, while at the same time creating differentiated spaces. What's more, this colour, universal par excellence, never goes out of fashion. Is it your choice?

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