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We inaugurate a showroom: a space designed to offer you materials for unique projects

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    With the new ceramics season and coinciding with our fresh collections Agadir and Magnet launches, we open the doors of our new showroom. This space, in which we present the best selection of Dune products, has been created for interior design professionals, architects, tiles distributors and tiles store proprietaries can know our products in person and discover what makes us different and unique.

    So, the new space has some differential zones to create different environments and offer multiple options using ceramics in a project. On the one hand, we find the acclaimed collection Shapes in the entry area. This collection has a wide variety of 3D tiles that provide infinite possibilities to the space and invite to creating rooms where the movement is tops.

    150 ceramics panels in small format

    Likewise, the showroom has a differential zone for ceramics in a small format. So, we have an exhibitor with 150 sliding panels in which there are all the possibilities that this type of piece offers to projects and the multiple combinations that can be made. This exhibitor has more than 7 meters and combines with an exhibitor table with more than 120 Piccola collection (small format) shingles and more than 40 loose pieces. Thus, the architect or interior designer who visits us can see the piece closely and discover its touch, form, relief and finish.

    According to the small format areas, we have two Agadir collection areas where we show ceramics with a craftsman finish and are vibrantly colourful. In this zone, we have also provided technical panels with the most prominent collections in this format.

    We also have an area focused on the Chicago collection, where we show the new Terrazo washbasin that is set to be one of the season products. To complete the Piccola zone, we have designed an area that combines Tabarca and Valencia collections. 

    Magnet takes centre stage in the showroom

    In the opposite zone to the Piccola collections, we find nine areas dedicated to the Magnet new collection, all of them inspired by the strength of the elements of nature. The pieces' selection and their combination with the light increase the Lappato effect to the highest level. Through these areas we show different formats, finishes and new collection colours. 

    Likewise, we have a zone with marble effect tiles. In these areas, we show all the possibilities that the new collections Baikal, Theia&Caronte or Selene pieces offer, that designers like so much. In this space, we also have 100 technical panels that show and explain each place that composes the Dune setting.

    We have the Berlin, Karakter or Diurne Oxide collections to complete the environmental areas. All these options are perfect for designing contract projects. Similarly, visitors to the showroom have a space where they can see all the mosaics we offer to complete the designs of the rooms. We have kept an area to expose all the washbasins that appear in the catalogue.

    To end up and to complete the showroom, we have a space for the Click&Floor product. We show the formats and colours of this rigid vinyl floor that imitates parquet in them

    If you want to do a virtual showroom tour, click on this video. And, of course, if you are an architect, designer or construction professional and you want to visit us in person, you can contact us, and we would be pleased to help you. Welcome to Dune 2022 showroom!

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