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Architect Gina Rosete creates projects that tell stories through materials

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    Just two weeks ago, in Dune we inaugurated our new exhibition with all the new ceramics for 2022. Clients, partners, distributors, architects and interior designers have traveled to the showroom to discover, first-hand, the new proposals in ceramics. In this sense, the Mexican architect Gina Rosete did not want to miss the appointment and made a hole in her visit to Spain.

    Thus, the interior designer Gina Rosete discovered first-hand the entire process of creating pieces for projects with their own identity. During her visit, Rosete was accompanied by Begonya Segura, Marketing Director and Product Manager, and by Clemente Querol, Chief Operating Officer.

    Visit to the heart of ceramic creations

    The visit began at the foot of the factory in the press area. From there they moved on to the enameling lines, injection lines, single firing ovens and automatic packaging machines. At each point, the architect learned about the tasks involved in the production process and was interested in the work being done. The tour continued through the third fire lines, where the staff was immersed in the manufacturing process of the Lionela series, a collection that Gina Rosete has used in her RTX Cancún Restaurant project and which, therefore, made her especially excited. see how these pieces are created.

    To continue with the visit to the factory, the Mexican architect was in the mold workshop. There they explained to him live the operation of the production, elaboration and maintenance of this system. It is worth mentioning that Gina Rosete is passionate about the Shapes collection and, therefore, discovering how these ceramic pieces are created was enriching. To complete the tour, the interior architect visited the laboratory, where they explained the color treatment process and the applications that are made at a digital level.

    Material inspiration to create unique projects

    After the visit to the heart of Dune products, it was time to open the doors of the showroom and discover the Agadir and Magnet novelties. Gina Rosete had the opportunity to discover the inspiration for each collection and the entire creative process behind the launch of a new series. He also had the opportunity to see the pieces live, in all their formats, and propose unique combinations.

    During her stay at Dune, the Mexican architect explained that in our products she finds pieces that serve to tell stories. And it is that his style focuses on creating memorable, fascinating and vibrant projects, in which color, shapes and textures play a fundamental role. The pieces and materials he chooses allow him to create environments that transform the user experience and make it unrepeatable.

    Thus, after more than 20 years of experience, he continues at the foot of the canyon at Tropiqa Design Studio. Along with her, a great team of professionals who drive the company to be a benchmark in the sector in Mexico, USA and the Caribbean. Its main course is hotels, something that is evident thanks to the large projects it has developed in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the United States and Cuba. However, it has residential projects that leave no one indifferent because they have a soul and breathe their own essence.

    From Dune, we want to thank you for the visit and the opportunity to personally meet an architect totally involved in equal employment and opportunities. Her work is inspiring for all women who believe in their own personal brand. Thank you Gina!

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