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Tres Manzanas Creativas and Carla Carer, the best projects of Design For Peace

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    After the deadline for submission and deliberation by the jury, we now have the best projects of the Design for Peace solidarity initiative, in support of the Ukrainian studio We Art. In the residential category, the OceanLive project, signed by the Spanish studio Tres Manzanas Creativas, has been selected, while in the contract section, the Wine Shop and Bar proposal by the Brazilian architect Carla Carer has been chosen.

    After receiving over 100 entries, the professional jury, comprised of Elena Maksymchuk (interior designer), Alexander Kononenko (interior designer), Gina Rosete (architect), Gabriela Pessuto (architect), Lutzía Ortiz (head of ITC's Habitat Trends Observatory) and Begonya Segura (Product Manager and Marketing Director of Dune), evaluated and scored the projects on the basis of several criteria. The Design for Peace jury took into account compliance with the rules of the competition, as well as the realism of the proposals, the functionality of the spaces and, of course, creativity and originality.

    Taking all this into account, OceanLive and Wine Shop and Bar were the projects that received the highest scores in their respective categories. In recognition of their work, both proposals will receive a prize of €1,000. As for the rest of the projects that participated, those that received the highest scores will be published in Dune's first Style Book. This inspirational magazine will be published next autumn and will be distributed both nationally and internationally at the brand's different points of sale, as well as online.

    All in all, Ismael Carne, CEO of Dune, highlights the great reception the initiative has received from the international community of architects, interior designers and designers: "Design For Peace has made it clear that design is a universal language. The solidarity of professionals goes beyond conflicts and nationalities and, in the face of adversity, shows that we must be more united than ever".

    Inspiration and ceramic trends

    In addition to the selected projects, this inspirational book presents 10 proposals for 3D environments designed by the components of the Ukrainian studio We Art, headed by Elena Maksymchuk. This pack of designs is the result of the work contracted by Dune after receiving a call from Elena and her team, in which they explained that the current conflict had paralysed their projects. In these creativities, the We Art team shows the purest Dune essence, combining products from different series and creating functional spaces with a touch of originality.

    It is worth mentioning that this Style Book will also have a section dedicated to presenting the novelties of the coming season, which is full of trends, sophistication and creativity.

    OceanLive, a loft to dream of

    With regard to the best residential project, OceanLive has received the jury's highest score. The proposal submitted by Tres Manzanas Creativas represents a functional and contemporary loft in which the immensity of the ocean serves as the inspiration and guiding thread of the rooms.

    This studio, led by Elena Soriano and Santi Vilar, have chosen the pieces Magnet Petrol, Magnet Exa Argent, Shapes Japan Black, Shapes Origami White, Calacatta SuperWhite and Multi Nogal Oscuro for their proposal. The images show a kitchen open to a spacious living room on the lower floor, while on the upper floor we find the bedroom with the main bathroom. 

    The work of Tres Manzanas Creativas is based on the study of the art and technique of designing and decorating. They are a studio specialising in 3D settings that, in their own words, create spaces for a living and dynamic world. When they heard about the Design For Peace initiative, they joined the cause to show their help and support for the Ukrainian people.

    Wine Shop and Bar, a wine bar for oenology lovers

    On the other hand, in the contract category, the Wine Shop and Bar project, by the Brazilian architect Carla Carer. This project represents a wine shop and bar in which the inspiration in the land and the raw materials underpin the proposal. This space, devised for savouring and appreciating the qualities of wine, uses tiles to delimit the locations of the different types of wine in the shop.

    For the occasion, Carla Carer has chosen the tiles from the Gaudí series (Mila, Boqueria, Rambla, Canela, Laguna, Marengo and Perla) and combined them together to create differentiated areas within the shop and the wine bar. The Chevron Natural floor and the Diurne Grey cladding bring the project closer to the natural environment in which grapes are grown and wine is produced.

    In the words of the architect herself, interior design and architecture are a tool for expression and, for this reason, we join Design For Peace to support our fellow professionals. As for Carla Carer's work, the Brazilian architect heads her own studio. Her work is characterised by her constant search for novelties to respond to the projects of the most demanding users. Fulfilling the dreams of each person and adjusting to their style is our mission and greatest challenge.

    From Dune we would like to thank all the people who have participated and have joined the solidarity cause in support of the Ukrainian studio We Art. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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